View Full Version : My Humble Apologies

23 October 2002, 12:24 PM
Sorry if i seemed a bit tweaked yesterday but I have one heck of a sinus infection and working customer service on the phones for 10 hours dealing with everyone whining and griping just drove me over the edge. Once again I extend my apologies.

Reverend Strone
23 October 2002, 12:45 PM
Big of you to say so Smoke. We've all had off days man, so I'm sure folks will understand. I know from experience that sometimes when things are rough it's hard not to vent down the modem at the slightest provocation, but I guess being able to flip on that filter and remain calm and reasonable when you're here is just something we each have to police ourselves on privately. It's great that you're a mature enough kinda guy to be able to step back and evaluate your posts objectively. Good on you man, and catch you round the boards.;)