• SWRPGNetwork Upgrade Underway

    If you're seeing this message, you can probably tell that there are a lot of changes to the site. We've just undertaken a project to upgrade the software running the site, including the software running the HoloNet forums. While much of the technical work is done, we've got a long way to go getting the site back up and running at full capacity, with its content available to everyone.

    Please bear with us during the rebuild. By the time we're done, we hope that the site will be even better than it was before!
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    1. Grade's Avatar
      Grade -
      This upgrade has been long overdue, Moridin and thank you not forgetting about us who remain on this site.

      The only thing that lacks is the avatars like in old forum had, or new ones that we can choose our own avatars.
    1. Grade's Avatar
      Grade -
      Moridin thank you, for not forgetting about us who still stayed loyal on this forum. This upgrade has been long overdue.

      It looks fresher.

      The only thing that lacks is the avatars. The old avatar system or new one is most welcome.
    1. Derrynger's Avatar
      Derrynger -
      Looking forward to the upgrade. Looks great and might drive a new great game.
    1. Grimace's Avatar
      Grimace -
      Three cheers for the upgrade!!!

      Hip Hip Hooray!
      Hip Hip Hooray!
      Hip Hip Hooray!
    1. Moridin's Avatar
      Moridin -
      You can actually upload a custom avatar for yourself. Also, make sure in your profile you have displaying avatars turned on.
    1. hisham's Avatar
      hisham -
      I just uploaded an avatar and turned on the feature. Let's see if it works.
    1. hisham's Avatar
      hisham -
      Quote Originally Posted by Moridin View Post
      You can actually upload a custom avatar for yourself. Also, make sure in your profile you have displaying avatars turned on.
      JPG avatar is resized to 50x50 and uploaded, feature is turned on but I still can't see an avatar.
    1. Grade's Avatar
      Grade -
      I see your avatar hisham.
    1. Moridin's Avatar
      Moridin -
      As do I. Make sure you have the "Show Avatars" box checked in your General Settings of your profile.
    1. Dro Koon of Dorin's Avatar
      Dro Koon of Dorin -
      Wow, excellent! This should be great for the community. Thanks for sticking with us
    1. gmjabreson's Avatar
      gmjabreson -
      I LIKE IT! Sorry, bad Robocop quote, but this does look better.

      I hope this means the whole site is being upgraded and we'll soon see the other parts like submissions and conversions back and running?

      and [B]Moridin[B], thank you very much.
    1. Terras Jadeonar & Raven's Avatar
      Terras Jadeonar & Raven -
      Definitely as Moridin said, you're going to have to goto "Settings" , top right hand corner of the screen, and in "General Settings" , enable "Display Avatars" for the avatars to show up, yours and everyone else who has them.

      I like that theres also more privacy options you can set what profile information of yours is publicly or members only viewable.

      Lots of neat stuff there to go through.

      When you simply goto "Profile" , it just shows you what your profile is, and only lets you edit a couple items of your profile criteria. Rest is found under "Settings"
    1. Mr. Fett's Avatar
      Mr. Fett -
      Upgrade looks nice. Good to see the site is getting a much needed face lift. Still love looking around on this site after all these years.
    1. stoic_75's Avatar
      stoic_75 -
      That's great news. But you should rename it SWRPGNetwork: 5th Edition. And make it in 3D. Oh, and put Shia LeBeouf in it somewhere. (I love his work)

      Seriously, I appreciate all the hard work you put in on this site. I have been a member over a decade and I still enjoy it.
    1. Donovan Morningfire's Avatar
      Donovan Morningfire -
      Awesome news boss.
    1. Zerek's Avatar
      Zerek -
      I may not have had as many posts as some of the other faithfuls, but I have definitely checked in every so often to see what is new. I hope that we can return swrpgnetwork to its glory days especially since we have started into a dark age of swrpg again. I am very glad to see the new look. Thanks Moridin
    1. red5_5's Avatar
      red5_5 -
      Amazing! Thank you so much for upgrading the site. I haven't been posting for a while, but I do check the site at least once or twice a month. Now after seeing The Phantom Menace in 3D, my interest in the RPG has been piqued again! I look forward to the continuing upgrade!
    1. Thomas's Avatar
      Thomas -
      Thanks a bunch for the upgrade, Moridin, I logged in for the first time in a while and immediately went 'whoa'. It's looking good so far.
    1. Aluco's Avatar
      Aluco -
      The upgrade is so great!

      As I travel about the site, of course a few things are different, and that's a good thing.

      I am wondering about message tracking in the PM system. Is that still possible. It's always fun to know when someone has read a message. I can live without, of course. Just wondering if I'm overlooking a button or switch somewhere, I guess.

      Thanks a-zillion for the awesome upgrade, Moridin!
    1. Grimace's Avatar
      Grimace -
      There should be the option to turn on the message tracking for a PM. You may have to do it for each message you send, but I do see the option available if you scroll down to the Misc. menu below the private message you are preparing.