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    If you're seeing this message, you can probably tell that there are a lot of changes to the site. We've just undertaken a project to upgrade the software running the site, including the software running the HoloNet forums. While much of the technical work is done, we've got a long way to go getting the site back up and running at full capacity, with its content available to everyone.

    Please bear with us during the rebuild. By the time we're done, we hope that the site will be even better than it was before!
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    1. Aluco's Avatar
      Aluco -
      To be clear, the new site is excellent and refreshing. I can't thank the team enough for upgrading our experience. This is an awesome space! So I hope I do not come off as ungrateful or unduly critical. Most of the time, I'm just wonderin'....

      So, I've noticed that when I'm logged in, after some time of inactivity (as when cross-referencing some info for a post in an RP thread, say) I'll find I'm no longer logged in. I guess the site bumps one out when they've not been doing anything for a time.

      The reason I bring this up is because... well... it might simply be that I am being nostalgic about those days back around '08ish when I'd swing by and find a list (often as many as 6 at a time) of logged in members. It was fun because those lists created a sense of... well... like I was passing a room where a little society of familiar voices were chatting away about stuff I was interested in. It leant one-degree-more of a sense of community.

      Now when I swing by the site, and I look to the bottom of the page to see "Who's Online" there might be up to 80 "guests" and no members logged in. I suspect that many of those guests are actually members whose logged-in status was bumped because of inactivity. As a result, there is a greater sense of anonymity in the new site -- less like passing a room where I see faces I know, and more like happening into a crowd of expressionless figures.

      Is there a way to extend the logged-in status half-life? Is that something that should even be done (if possible)? Do most people prefer the more anonymous participation and anonymous perusing of the site?

      LOL.... and after typing this, I found I had been bumped from logged-in status. I don't mind re-logging in. I wonder, though, if one's logged-in status had not expired, another member might have seen his/her handle active at the bottom of the page and thought, "Hey look, So-and-so's on! I want to hang out and see what s/he's going to post." And instead of 2 guests at the bottom of the page, there'd be those two familiar usernames, and some more would see those, etc. Then, people might say, "Hey, there's a Star Wars party going on over on the Holonets!"
    1. Seghast's Avatar
      Seghast -
      It may simply be a problem on your end such as your browser/settings, Aluco; I have yet to be logged out by the site since the upgrade.
    1. Wilku's Avatar
      Wilku -
      waiting on a new RPG Star Wars, that same like WEG