• The Star Wars Sourcebook

    Book Review: Star Wars Sourcebook

    This is a nice book. Iíve got it in both 1st and Second edition. In my opinion, the Second edition variety is superior. This book is one of those very helpful types if you know little-to-nothing about Star Wars. From information about the commonly used items of sublight drives, turbolasers, shields, and weapons, all the way up to some Capital ship stats. There are a lot of stats for fighters in here, and a fair number of airspeeders, speeder bikes & swoops, and even creatures.

    Also held within the pages of this book are the stats for the main characters from the movies (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). This book also has the BEST equipment list that exists in any book. Other books might have a variety of weapons (Fantastic Tech and stuff), but this book contains the basic list that covers the basics best. The list has things from melee weapons to heavy weapons, to clothing to droid equipment.

    There is also a section in here on lightsabers, and a decent section on bases, both Imperial and Rebel. Land vehicles are also covered fairly extensively in here, and itís got good information that can be used by the Empire, the Rebels, or just about anyone else (Sail barges and stuff). Thereís even a small section in this book that details aliens the can be played, unfortunately they are nearly all repeats from the Main Rulebook.

    My rating for this book:

    Four out of Five