• Star Wars RPG Main Rulebook 2nd Edition

    Book Review: Main Rulebook 2nd Edition

    Alright, letís take a look at this book. Itís got information all over the place! Adventure ideas, non-player character stats, vehicle information, starship information, templates to make characters, alien informationÖ..I could go on and on!

    The layout is done fairly well, though the table of contents is rather poor. On my copy, I ended up putting little tabs on the pages that I reference often. When you look at everything that it offers though, boy...this book is worth it! It offers everything you need, and I mean EVERYTHING, to get going on playing Star Wars.

    The system (D6) is also one of the best systems out there, and really captures the spirit of Star Wars. It can be easily summed up: Roll the dice equal to your skill, and attempt to beat a difficulty number for whatever action you attempt. If you roll over the difficulty, you succeed; if you roll under, you fail.

    The book has 16 character templates in the back, offering a wide range of characters that your players can choose from. Overall, itís one of the best main rulebooks that Iíve seen.

    My rating:

    Five out of Five

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    1. Moridin's Avatar
      Moridin -
      Interestingly, in my youth I'd only ever run with the 2nd Edition Revised & Expanded rulebook, not just the blue-covered 2E rulebook. Recently, we cleaned out a lot of the WotC reference library, and I was able to fill a lot of gaps in my collection, including grabbing one of the blue-cover books. Since I've started running a D6 mini-campaign a few months ago, I've actually been using the blue cover book myself and loaning the R&E books I own to the other people in my gaming group. While in my head I know that the content is almost identical, there's something about the blue cover book that really appeals to me over the R&E book, but it may be more that, with the exception of the Movie Trilogy Special Edition sourcebook, the formatting and graphical style of the blue cover book more closely matches that of the rest of the product line.
    1. Grimace's Avatar
      Grimace -
      Yeah, I don't know what it is either, but there's a particular appeal to that book that I have that doesn't exist for the R&E edition. Even though R&E is probably organized better, the blue cover book is still my hands down favorite.
    1. Lokar's Avatar
      Lokar -
      For me, I think, it was all the orginal art work in the book, most of which was awesome.