• Heroes and Rogues

    Book Review: Heroes and Rogues

    Where to start….the first substantial section in this book is a great section on generating a three dimensional character. It has detailed sections on homeworlds for characters, suggestions for a character’s life as they grew up, past occupations, romance, and much more! This is a wonderful addition for gamemasters who have the chronic player problem of “bland characters”. If you utilize this section even to half of its potential, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this book.

    After that section is a substantial part on roleplaying Imperial characters. This section actually is fairly helpful for those thinking of having their players play Imperials. It gives you different campaign ideas, and generally provides some mental “gum” to chew on. Following up this section is, of course, the templates for Imperial characters. There’s not just a couple of templates either. Seventeen templates for Imperials!!

    Next is a section on Independents. Not much as far as substance there, but there are other books that offer ideas for that. Right after the measly section, though, comes the templates for the independents. A whopping 31 templates are given…ranging from Musicians to Big Game Hunters to Xenoarcheologists. This is a wow section in my opinion. So far in the book, there’s enough templates to send the greediest GM to “la la” land…but there’s more!

    Along comes the Rebel Alliance and New Republic section. Not much as far as a lead-in for them, but let’s count the templates for them….13! Let me tell you something…none of these are repeats from other books, so they are ALL new and interesting.

    Finally comes a section on Heroes and Rogues…pre-generated ones, that is. Lots of NPCs to use in your game are located here. There’s nearly 20 pages of characters here to use…ranging from overt enemies to helpful friendlies. If you utilize the NPCs from a lot of the Star Wars books, this section is for you.

    All in all, I love this book. Just what the doctor ordered, in my opinion.

    My rating:

    Four out of Five