• Admiral Traest Kre'fey

    Admiral Traest Kre'fey is the commander of the Bothan Assault Cruiser Ralroost, current home to Rogue Squadron. Though he is routinely considered to be like others of his kind, Traest has very little deceptive notions. He is ambitious, and he doesn't deny that - but it just isn't a prime motivating factor for him. Instead, he quickly was advanced in rank after the mass of resignations during the Caamas crisis. Like others of his line, he has snow-white fur over his entire body - but he also has the violet and gold-flecked eyes characteristic of the Fey'lya clan. His grandfather, General Laryn Kre'fey, was killed at the first invasion of Borleias, and Traest Kre'fey hopes never to make that kind of mistake himself.

    Admiral Traest Kre'fey - D6 Stats
    Admiral Traest Kre'fey
    Type: New Republic Admiral
    DEX 2D+1
    Blaster 5D, brawling parry 3D, dodge 4D
    KNO 3D+2
    Alien species 4D+2, bureaucracy 4D, cultures 5D+2, planetary systems 5D, scholar: military tactics 5D, survival 4D+1, tactics 6D, tactics: capital ships
    MEC 3D
    CS gunnery 5D+2, CS piloting 6D+1, CS shields 5D, communications 4D, repulsorlift ops 4D, space transports 5D, SS gunnery 5D+1
    PER 3D
    Bargain 4D, command 8D, con 5D, persuasion 4D+2, search 4D+1, sneak 3D+2
    STR 3D
    Stamina 5D
    TEC 3D
    CS repair 4D, first aid 3D+2
    Special Abilities:
    Communication: Bothans can use their fur to send messages to other Bothans. Most non-Bothans cannot read these fur signals.
    Story Factors:
    Opportunist: Bothans always use a situation to their advantage, which leads other people to believe that they are selfish and cold.
    CP: 16
    Move: 10
    Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), comlink, datapad, NR admiral's uniform

    Admiral Traest Kre'fey - d20 Stats

    See the New Jedi Order Sourcebook, p. 57-8, for d20 stats.