• Chu'Unthor

    The Chu'unthor was a massive, floating training facility used by the Jedi in the days of the Old Republic. While the majority of the Jedi training was undertaken at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the sheer number of students made bringing them all to the capital planet a logistical nightmare. While other, smaller academies were set up across the galaxy, such as the one found in the Cularin system, the Chu'unthor was designed to be mobile enough to accomodate an influx of students from anywhere in the galaxy. It was also handy for field trips.

    Chu'unthor - D6 Stats
    Craft: Republic Fleet Systems Chu'unthor
    Type: Custom Jedi training cruiser
    Scale: Capital
    Dimensions: 2000 meters long, 1000 meters wide, 40 meters tall
    Skill: Capital ship pilloting: Chu'unthor
    Crew: 8,500, skeleton: 4,250/+15
    Crew Skill: Astrogation 4D, CS piloting 5D (crewmembers must be Jedi)
    Passengers: 9,990 (Jedi)
    Cargo Capacity: 5,000 metric tons
    Consumables: 10 years or more
    Cost: Not available for sale
    Hyperdrive Multiplier: x5
    Nav Computer: Yes
    Space: 3
    Hull: 6D
    Passive: 10/0D
    Scan: 45/1D
    Search: 80/1D+2
    Focus: 2/2D

    Chu'unthor - d20 Stats
    Craft: Republic Fleet Systems Chu'unthor
    Class: Capital
    Cost: Not Available for Sale
    Size: Colossal (2000 Meters)
    Crew: 8,500 (Skilled +4)
    Passengers: 9,990 (Jedi)
    Cargo Capacity: 5000 Metric Tons
    Consumables: 10 years
    Hyperdrive Multiplier: x5
    Maximum Speed: Cruising
    Defense: 12 (-8 Size, +10 Armor)
    Shield Points: 0
    Hull Points: 630
    Damage Reduction: 20

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