• Kuati Injection Ring

    The Kuati nobility has had a long history of paranoia and infighting. As such, most have modified jewelry and equipment to carry poisons and antidotes. The Kuati signet ring, bearing the mark of one's heritage, is an example. Some rings come with a very small needle, that, when in contact with another's skin, will inject poison directly into the bloodstream. When left empty, it can also draw out blood for analysis (to see if their colleagues are who they say they are). This puncture is nearly impossible to detect, and the resulting wound leaves no perceptible scar.

    Kuati Injection Ring - D6 Stats
    Model: Custom Kuati Signet Ring
    Type: Modified signet ring
    Skill: Melee weapons: signet ring
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Cost: Invisible market only: 45,000
    Availability: 4, X
    Game Notes: If the ring touches the skin of another, the ring will insert it's needle into a nearby vein or artery, injecting poison or extracting blood. A Very Dificult Perception roll is required to notice it.

    Kuati Injection Ring - d20 Stats
    Cost: Not Available for Sale
    Weight: 0.1 kg
    Notes: When physical contact is made between the ring and another person's flesh, one of many types of poison are injected directly into the other person's bloodstream, requiring a Spot roll (DC 25) to notice the intrusion.