• Waves of Conflict

    Please note: Despite the article listing, this adventure was designed by Dr_Worm. Until such a time as the database entry can be fixed to reflect this, however, the adventure will remain here.

    “Waves of Conflict” is the second adventure written for the Unifying Force campaign. You need not have read, or played, the previous adventure, as each is designed to stand alone. It is recommended that you download any and all current Decimus Sector campaign sets, as it should give you a better understanding of the campaign as a whole. This adventure is designed for 4-6 2nd level characters, but through out we will try to give you tips on how to
    alter this for differing party make-ups.

    This adventure takes place on or above the planet of Peryn, in the Decimus Sector. The intention is that the party be working for the Republic, though they need not be officially affiliated. Depending on whether the party is made up of New Republic Officials, or independent businessmen will determine how the GM will begin this adventure. Either way this adventure will take the party to the watery world of Peryn, and in to the murky and dangerous politics of the Clone War.

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