• Chagrian

    Chagrians are a species of amphibious beings from the planet Champala who have moved into the Galaxy at large. Many Chagrians find their way into politics or other professions where a strong will is appreciated. They are a competitive but cosmopolitan species that views eating as merely a necessary nuisance.

    Personality: Cosmopolitan and civilized, Chagrians often find themselves to be mediators, with a strong sense of justice. They are typically not confrontational, but like any species they show a wide range of emotions.

    Physical Description: Chagrians are aounrd 1.7-2.2 meters tall, with thick blue skin and four horns extending from their heads.

    Chagrian Homeworld: Champala

    Languages: Chagrians speak Chagri, and most speak Basic as well.

    Example Names: Mas Amedda, Dul Baturra.

    Chagrians - D6 Stats
    Home Planet or System: Champala
    Attribute Dice: 12D
    Special Abilities
    Amphibious: Chagrians can breathe underwater as well as they can in open air. Additionally, at the time of character creation they gain a +1D bonus to the swimming skill.
    Radiation-resistant Skin: Chagrians' blue skin makes it tougher for radiation to penetrate and cause damage. In slightly higher radiation zones, they can survive without the need for extra armor or padding.
    Move: 10/12
    Size: 1.8-2.3 Meters

    Chagrian - d20 Stats

    See the Alien Anthology, page 63 for d20 stats.

    Chagrian - Saga Edition Stats

    See the Clone Wars Campaign Guide, page 159 or the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, page 10 for Saga Edition stats.