• Colicoid

    Colicoids are the species that was primarily responsible for the creation of the droideka destroyer droids used by the Trade Federation in the subjugation of Naboo. They are a race of barbaric, cannibalistic aliens who rarely deal with outsiders, and often deal with their business partners in an overtly hostile manner. Their droids are unparalleled in design, and their ferocity and savagery has given them a dangerous reputation. They are squat, slender beings who, like their creations, can roll into a wheel shape and move at incredible speeds.

    Personality: Savage, brutal, and fanatical, Colicoids are a barbaric race of isolationists. They rarely show mercy, and are often aggressive and confrontational.

    Physical Description: Colicoids are short, squat aliens with a chitinous exoskeleton and the ability to roll their bodies up into a ball when needed. They have a frightening appearance, because despite all their technological advances, they still maintain a violent and brutish exterior.

    Colicoid Homeworld: Colla IV.

    Language: Colicoids speak Colla.

    Example Names: No known names.

    Adventurers: Colicoids, being isolationists, rarely leave their homeplanet of Colla IV. When they do, it is usually because of exile from their own people, or because a rogue Colicoid decides that his homeworld no longer has anything to offer him. Many go on to become gladiatorial combatants in the Outer Rim, while others take their droid construction secrets with them and begin producing their own droids.

    Colicoid - D6 Stats
    Home Planet or System: Colla IV
    Attribute Dice: 13D

    Special Abilities:
    Chitinous Bodies: Colicoids have a thick chitinous exoskeleton, which can protect them when in combat. Colicoids' chitinous bodies give them +1D vs. both physical and energy weapons.
    Roll: By curling themselves tightly into balls, Colicoids increase their movement by +10. A rolling Colicoid may take no other action that round.
    Story Factors:
    Cannibalism: Colicoids are known cannibals, and are notoriously unfriendly to outside visitors, and are almost never found outside the Colla system. Very few survive trespassing in the Colla system, as the isolationist Colicoids capture and consume outsiders.
    Vicious Warriors: Colicoids are feared throughout their sector due to the savagery with which they fight. They are born into a warrior culture which teaches combat and fighting before death. Oftentimes a Colicoid will be aggressive, even if suicidally so, while in combat situations, but remain fully aware of the situation around them.
    Move: 6/10
    Size: 1.4-1.8 Meters

    Colicoid - d20 Stats
    See the Ultimate Alien Anthology for d20 stats.

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