• Carnor Jax's Stormtrooper Honor Guard

    Carnor Jax, as a former Imperial Guardsman, understood the benefits of giving average soldiers something more to strive for. Since the remaining Royal Guardsmen had been wiped out (thanks to Jax's own treachery), he created his own Honor Guard, selecting the best of his stormtroopers to serve as bodyguards in much the same way that he had once been chosen by Palpatine. He had their standard stormtrooper armor colored solid black, much the same as the style of the Storm Commandos, to signify the difference between his elite and the standard stormtrooper. The Honor Guard is loyal to Jax, and not only serves as bodyguards, but also as special forces units on assignments that Jax sees as of critical importance.

    Carnor Jax's Stormtrooper Honor Guard - D6 Stats
    Type: Elite Stormtrooper
    Blaster 6D, blaster: blaster rifle 7D, brawling parry 4D+2, dodge 5D+2, melee combat 4D+2, melee parry 5D

    Repulsorlift operation 4D+1
    Command 6D, hide 6D, investigation 5D, search 6D, sneak 6D
    Brawling 5D
    Armor repair 4D, blaster repair 4D, first aid 5D, security 6D
    Character Points: 3-18
    Move: 10
    Equipment: SoroSuub Blaster Rifle (6D) (adds +1D to blaster skill if retractable stock is used), holdout blaster (3D), Stormtrooper Armor (+2D physical, +1D energy, -1D Dexterity and related skills)

    Carnor Jax's Stormtrooper Honor Guard - d20 Stats
    Carnor Jax's Stormtrooper Elites: Human Thug 5/Soldier 3/Elite Trooper 3; Init +3 (+3 Dex); Defense 19 (+3 Dex, +6 Armor); Spd. 8m; VP/WP: 42/13; Atk +18/+13/+8/+3 or +9/+9/+9/+4/-1 (3d8, Blaster Rifle) ranged, +17/+12/+7/+2 or +8/+8/+8/+3/-2 (3d8, Blaster Carbine) ranged; SQ Uncanny Dodge (Dex bonus to Defense); SV Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +5; SZ M; FP 0; Rep. 3; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 8.
    Equipment: Stormtrooper armor, Blaster Rifle, Blaster Carbine, Comlink, Code Cylinder.
    Skills: Computer Use +5, Demolitions +5, Disable Device +4, Hide +4, Intimidate +2, Listen +3, Move Silently +9, Repair +4, Search +6, Spot +6, Survival +4, Treat Injury +4.
    Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Armor Profiency (heavy), Armor Proficiency (powered), Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Stealthy, Weapon Focus(Blaster Rifle), Weapon Group (simple weapons), Weapon Group (blaster pistols), Weapon Group (blaster rifles), Weapon Group (heavy weapons), Weapon Group (vibro weapons).

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