• Jerec

    With the rise of the Empire and the mass eradication of the Jedi, the road was prepared by Emperor Palpatine for the Dark Side of the Force to reign over the Galaxy. Without the Jedi to provide opposition, many who turned to the Dark Side emerged to pledge their aid to the Empire's cause. Jerec, a human Dark Jedi, was one such case who wreaked havoc over several star systems in his quest for power.

    Jerec is a medium-build near human with what appear to be burn scars or tattoos in a band around his head, across his eyes and the bridge of his nose. He is bald-headed and has a small amount of hair on the sides and back of his head pulled back in a ponytail. He wears a black robe with an embroidered red pattern over a solid black outfit, with his lightsaber clipped at his belt. Jerec has a frightful appearance to, which compliments the scarred nature of his own soul. As with all who draw upon the Dark Side excessively, Jerec's body is beginning to degenerate slightly, as evidenced by the dark band across his eyes and temples.

    Jerec and a band of other evil Force users arose during these dark times to give the Empire more rigid control of the Galaxy. While not Sith proper, these Dark Jedi helped forward the sinister cause of the Emperor in ways that the Dark Lords of the Sith could not manage personally. The Emperor and Darth Vader allowed Jerec and his band to exist, despite having wiped out all the other Jedi during the Purge, for the same reasons other Dark Jedi such as Adalric Brandl and High Inquisitor Tremayne were left in service: to strengthen the Empire's grip on the populace.

    As is the nature of the Dark Side, Jerec was simply using the Empire's power (and the Sith Lords' generosity) to further his own goals. Many years ago, Jerec had become aware of a place known as the Valley of the Jedi, a long-forgotten tomb for Jedi who had died many years ago in a battle between the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Army of the Light. The Valley, located on the remote planet Ruusan, was to be used by Jerec as a power source in order to replace Ysanne Isard as the leader of the fragmented Empire. Seeking out several wealthy corporate backers, Jerec ordered the construction of a massive Super Star Destroyer, the Vengeance, for use as his personal flagship. Once completed, he and his Dark Jedi cadre set out to find the Valley of the Jedi and topple Isard from her place at the head of the Imperial forces.

    Jerec is not an exceptionally powerful warlord in terms of territory or populace under his control. Rather, he and his followers keep a relatively low profile, biding their time until their bid for power is complete. Jerec is a powerful Force-user, and though his followers are technically there voluntarily, they all stay in part because they fear making him their enemy. His past is largely unknown, and where he got his training in the Dark Side is a mystery as well. For certain, he is a powerful foe of the fledgling Jedi emerging following the death of the Emperor, still pursuing the Valley of the Jedi to complete his coup against current Imperial leaders, and willing to do anything to find his elusive goal.

    Jerec is a greedy, power-hungry man whose desire for control drives him to do things others find appalling. He sees himself as a greater leader even than Palpatine, and his companions sometimes think that his lust for power blinds him to more immediate threats. Rage consumes him when his plans fail, and though he has lain in waiting for many years, his impatience sometimes gets the better of him. Truly, the Dark Side has consumed his soul, and though saying so to his face would be deadly, others believe he is little more than an extension of the will of the Dark Side, driven to further and further lengths in order to secure his place as ruler of a more powerful Empire than before.

    Jerec - D6 Stats
    Type: Dark Jedi
    Blaster 4D, brawling parry 6D, dodge 7D+1, lightsaber 8D+2, melee combat 5D, melee parry 6D+2
    Alien species 5D, business 4D+1, intimidation 9D, planetary systems 5D, scholar: Jedi lore 5D, scholar: Dark Side lore 7D+1, scholar: Valley of the Jedi, 6D+2, streetwise 5D+2, survival 6D, tactics 5D, willpower 7D+1
    Astrogation 4D, capital ship piloting 4D+1, communications 4D
    Bargain 5D, command 6D, hide 7D+2, investigation 6D+2, search 6D+2, sneak 6D+2
    Brawling 5D+1, climbing/jumping 5D, stamina 5D
    First aid 3D, lightsaber repair 6D, security 5D+2
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Force Points: 4
    Dark Side Points: 16
    Special Abilities:
    Control 5D+1, Sense 6D, Alter 6D+1
    Control Powers: Absorb/dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Rage
    Sense Powers: Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Magnify Senses, Sense Force, Sense Force Potential, Sense Path, Shift Sense
    Alter Powers: Force Bolt, Injure/Kill, Telekinesis
    Control and Sense: Lightsaber combat
    Control and Alter: Feed on Dark Side, Inflict Pain
    Control, Sense, and Alter: Affect Mind, Drain Life Essence, Projected Fighting, Telekinetic Kill
    Sense and Alter: Lesser Force Shield
    Character Points: 8
    Move: 10
    Equipment: Lightsaber (5D), comlink, robes, the Vengeance

    Jerec - d20 Stats
    See the Dark Side Sourcebook, page 101-102 for D20 stats.

    Jerec - Saga Edition Stats
    See Threats to the Galaxy, page 31 for Saga Edition stats.