• Lyrr Kadek

    The Ubesian Bounty Hunter, Lyrr Kadek, is one of the newer generation of Bounty Hunters. The fall of the Empire, and subsequent rise of the New Republic, has been extremely bad for the business of Bounty Hunting. Gone are the days when the Empire would hire out Bounty Hunters to do their less than legal dirty work, replaced now by the squeaky-clean New Republic's governmental system. This is not to say that certain members of the New Republic do not occassionally hire Bounty Hunters, it is just much less frequent.

    Lyrr Kadek is a native of Uba IV, one of the few "True" Ubese to survive in the harsh conditions on his home planet. Lyrr scratched out a life on Uba IV, but he always felt the draw of the stars. Lyrr had long since been head of a group of Ubese on the planet, having killed the head of the clan at a young age and then subsequently vanquishing any contenders to his leadership. His cunning was unparalelled, but it was his technical aptitude which allowed him to become the fierce warrior that he is today. His natural curiousity about technology, combined with an inner draw he could not explain, left him unsatisfied and listless.

    When a reconnaissance ship from the New Republic, the Gallant Night, landed on Uba IV, he saw an opportunity he could not pass up. No one had gone out to greet the ship, but Lyrr stepped forward, and through a miracle of communication, he managed to obtain transportation off planet in exchange for information about the planet. But somehow while he was onboard, the crew contracted a deadly virus from atmosphere which had leaked into the ship. He was left alone at the controls of the ship, entire crew dead, heading into New Republic space. Fearing he would be blamed for their deaths, he disposed of the bodies and headed for a quiet corner of space. Since then, Lyrr has become an accomplished Bounty Hunter, using his skills involving technology and survival to make him one of the more rugged, and expensive, Bounty Hunters. His ship, the YT-2400 Transport Gallant Night has been refitted and renamed the Darkest Night, now as much of a tool of bounty hunting as the blaster at his side.

    Lyrr Kadek - D6 Stats
    Type: Ubese Bounty Hunter
    Species: Ubese
    Sex: Male
    Age: 31
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 148 lbs
    Blaster 3D+2, dodge 4D
    Survival 4D+1, languages:Basic 3D+1
    Space transports 3D+1, starship gunnery 3D, space transports: YT-2400 Freighter 4D+1
    Investigation 3D+2, search 3D+1, search: tracking 4D+1
    Brawling 3D+1
    Space transports repair 6D, demolitions 6D
    Special Abilities:
    Survival: "True" Ubese get a +2D bonus to their survival skill due to the harsh conditions they are forced to endure on their homeworld.
    Type II Atmosphere Breathing: "True" Ubese require adjusted breath masks to filter and breathe Type I Atmospheres. Without the masks, Ubese suffer a -1D penalty to all skills and attributes.
    Force Points: 2
    Character Points: 7
    Move: 8
    Equipment: Bounty Hunter Armor (see below), datapad, medpack, heavy blaster (5D), vibroblade (STR+3D), Thermal Detonator x2, YT-2400 Light Freighter the Darkest Night, 1,000 credits

    Lyrr's Armor
    Model: Modified Ubese Raider Armor
    Type: Modified battle armor
    Cost: Not for sale
    Availability: Unique
    Game Effect:
    Basic Suit: +2 to Strength against physical attacks, +1 against Energy
    Sealed Enviro Filter: Filter system maintains Type II atmosphere within the helmet, and filters out harmful molecules and odors
    Infrared Sensors: Adds +1D to Perception in darkness
    Macrobinoculars: Add +3D to Perception or search rolls on objects 100 to 300 meters away.
    Comlink: Built in comlink allows Lyrr to verbally comminicate with the droid intelligence aboard his ship.

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