• Darth Bane Short Story in Star Wars Gamer #3

    A news report on TheForce.Net indicates that veteran Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson will once again be returning to the Star Wars universe in the form of a short story. Apparently detailing the origins of Darth Bane, this news was posted on his official site:

    "Bane of the Sith"
    Kevin To Do New Star Wars Short Story: The Origin of Darth Bane

    Many fans have written to ask when Kevin will return to the Star Wars universe with more original fiction. You have only to wait until March for a 5000-word short story, never before published, in issue #3 of the Star Wars Gamer magazine (on newsstands March 19).

    The new story, "Bane of the Sith," is set a thousand years before Episode 1, and tells the origin of Darth Bane, an evil Sith Lord who changed the nature of dark-side followers forever. This story provides a bridge between the Tales of the Jedi History and The Phantom Menace and also acts as a springboard for a new Dark Horse Comics series, Jedi vs. Sith.