• More Information on Star Wars Gamer #3

    A little more information about the next issue of Star Wars Gamer has come in the form of the cover of the magazine and some excellent insider information from Star Wars RPG author Steve Miller. Here's what he had to say about the issue:

    I think SW Gamer #2 is a vast improvement over #1... the fiction's better, the game articles are better [well, MY short story in #1 is unmatched... ;-)]...overall, it's just BETTER.

    And the same is true of #3. I got an advanced look at a copy of it this morning. Cory Herndon's written a GREAT expansion of the droid rules in the core rule book--more droids, official droid PC guidelines; there are some great starport maps; and the starfighter rules using the 'Silent Death' game mechanics are also neat. (And even if you don't want to use those rules, there are some great counters of TIE fighters and such.) And in #3, there are game stats that tie to the short story (!)... we had 'em for #1, but they were web downloads, or hidden in the computer game section.

    If #4 continues to show the same upward trend of improvement we've been seeing, it'll be better than I can imagine.

    That information, combined with the news of the Darth Bane short story, make this magazine an issue I can't wait to pick up. Issue #3 should be hitting newsstands around March 19, and if you happen to get the issue via subscription before then, don't hesitate to e-mail us with a report.