• Welcome to SWRPGNetwork!

    Welcome to the grand opening of SWRPGNetwork - the future of SW-RPG content on the web. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this site as much as we do, and that it serves as a useful reference for your own gaming sessions. We have been anxiously preparing this site for over four months, and we are excited to reveal it to the community at large.

    There are many things we believe will make this site different from all other SW-RPG sites on the Web today. The first of these is the sophisticated sorting system for stats, articles, reviews, and all other content on the site; you can search using six separate categories and narrow your search down to a few select choices. Next, we are the only site to feature syndicated news directly from Wizards of the Coast, updated as often as they do. That way you never have to leave SWRPGNetwork to check on official news. We also have a live commenting system, allowing you, the community, to add your thoughts on everything you see here at SWRPGNetwork. And, of course, we have the daily news and quality content you've come to expect from all of our past projects.

    We hope you are as intrigued by the possibilities of this site as we are. SWRPGNetwork would like to be a community partner, forming yet another link in the chain of sites that make this community a reality.