• More on SW Gamer #3

    Gregg Miller chimes in with a new report on the contents of Star Wars Gamer #3. Here's what he had to say:

    2 stories, one by Kevin J. Anderson titled Bane of the Sith. Another one dealing with Talon Karrde.

    The stuff regarding the RPG: The main meat is the articles on how to build and play droid characters. Also info on our favorite little guys, the Jawas. Also info on Spaceports and Landing pads. Also an article entitled "The smugglers Alliance". It gives the stats for Karrde and his buddies.

    Christopher West also gave a short report of some of the things in the magazine. Here's what he had to say:

    I got my subscription copy of Gamer #3 yesterday, too...It's got a vast wealth of valuable RPG content.

    Not only have they listened to the fans and included sidebars of game info for things in the short stories ("Dxunian Stalker" and "Dxunian Raptor" in this issue), there also seems to be proportionally more RPG content compared to the rest. One of the stories in this issue is just a three-page novel excerpt about Talon Karrde, which allowed for more space for RPG articles. There's also only one adventure in this issue, though it's a sweet 12-pager. ("Cloud Cover" -- Two acts...set on Cloud City, of course.)

    The computer game section also includes a bunch of valuable game stats: one vehicle (Trade Federation gunboat) plus a few characters from the planning of Star Wars Galaxies: A Bothan Scoundrel/Jedi Guardian, a [blue-skinned but cool looking] Mon Calamarian Scout, and a Twi'lek Noble/Crimelord. Topping it off are stats for a Krayt Dragon.

    Even if you don't count this extra RPG stuff, there's a total of 9 RPG-related articles, plus the adventure. While the droid stuff will no doubt get a lot of attention and the starport maps are cool, I suspect the real gem of the issue will be the 14 pages of rules, ship stats, and ship tokens for playing out starfighter combat on the poster-sized hex map.

    All in all, it appears to be a very worthy issue.