• Contents of Secrets of Tatooine

    The next big sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast for the Star Wars RPG is Secrets of Tatooine, scheduled for a May 2001 release. News has been a little scarce lately, but we've uncovered some insider information as to what can be found in the Secrets of Tatooine sourcebook. Thanks to JeDi Wiker for the information!

    Does the book follow the Secrets of Naboo format in that it has 2/3 source material, 1/3 adventure?

    JD: "More or less. Each of three major cities are discussed in terms of their prominence during the Rise of the Empire Era (Mos Espa), the Rebellion Era (Mos Eisley), and The New Jedi Order Era (Mos Entha). There will be a map for each of the three major cities.

    The adventure is set in the Rebellion Era, but there are guidelines for adapting it to other eras--and considering how little Tatooine changes, it's not difficult to adapt *any* adventure there to other eras.

    There will be an updated map of Jabba's Throneroom, and the Boonta Eve track--but not actually a map of the Arena.

    Most of the major characters who are either indigenous to Tatooine or who more or less permanently live on Tatooine are covered--so Jabba, Gardulla, Bib Fortuna, Chalmun, Wuher, Momaw Nadon, Prefect Talmont, Muftak and Kabe, Lady Valarian, Eefive-tootoo, the Weequays, Salacious Crumb, and some all-new characters for The New Jedi Order Era, including Valarian's protege and the "reborn" Bib Fortuna. And this is just skimming the surface."

    Well, there you have it. Sounds like this book is going to be chock full of information for any era. The NJO-Era stuff sounds interesting, to say the least, given that it should be all-new information on the settlement of Mos Entha. We'll keep you updated.