• JediTalk Press Release

    We received this Press Release from the creators of JediTalk, an online talk show about Star Wars. Here it is:

    For Immediate Release:

    Jedi Talk has been on the air for over two years and is close to it 100th broadcast. This week Darion Blade, Creator and long time co-host of Jedi Talk announced he would no longer be Co-hosting Jedi Talk after show 100.

    Although we will miss Darion on Sunday nights Jedi Talk is doing this a move to better itself. For many reasons,

    1. Darion needs the time to be able to work on promotions for Jedi Talk and Gamers Tavern. Also the Station Radio Evolution has new shows coming that many of you will be interested in and Darion wants to have the time to launch and maintain them properly.

    2. Darion also has a new job that takes up a lot of time and makes it difficult for him to do a show every Sunday night. Of course Jedi Talk is not going away we will still be broadcasting every Sunday night. With Lars Quillion and Kal Thanos. Darion will still be around and always will be a major part of Jedi Talk. He will be listening and participating in the chat room as much as he can.

    “Jedi Talk has been something that I have really loved doing. And I hope to come back as a host in the future. But, for now if I don’t concentrate on the back end of the show, the station and the shows may go away. I have had a blast and I hope people will remember me.” Darion Blade. Darion will still be on Show 99 and 100 so be sure to catch him the last few times on the air. Darion wanted to thank every one for the emails that came in after the announcement on the show this last Sunday.

    “Jedi Talk has been though host changes before. Although we know this is the biggest one yet. However, the show will continue on. And one day I will be back. Thanks for all the great Jedi Talk support. And don’t worry I wont be completely gone.” Darion Says.

    We will miss Darion, but we hope people will continue to listen. WE have some very exciting things coming in the future for Jedi Talk.


    Dark Side or Light Join Us Sunday Night!

    We'll miss you, Darion!