• Fandom Comics Clone Wars Sourcebook

    We at SWRPGNetwork always like to see interesting new fan projects, and the guys over at the Star Wars fan comics site (responsible for the excellent Cracken's Crew fan comic) have come up with a great sourcebook for fans of the prequel era. This sourcebook covers many of the Jedi from the Clone Wars and is a great resource for anyone looking to add a little action to their prequel game. Nar Cranr sent us this brief blurb about the project:

    Fandom Comics has finally released the first chapter of their latest work in progress; a Clone Wars Sourcebook. The current chapter features thirteen NPCs that are either Sith or Dark Jedi during the Clone Wars era, along with a chronological write up of their involvement during the Clone Wars.

    Be sure to surf on over and check it out, and discuss it right here on the Holonet Forums.