• Living Force Officially Ends

    A little late posting this news, but it still deserves to be posted. ENWorld member MerricB has posted a letter he received from Living Force director August Hahn. In this letter, he confirms something we've been suspecting for a while now.

    August Hahn:
    Dear readers and players,

    Before I begin, please forgive our delay in responding the many very pertinent, very worthy questions that have been bandied about on this forum (and others). Cynthia and I have been working tirelessly to ensure that every resource was exhausted, every avenue explored
    and every possibility spent before bridging the subject that has been on your minds - namely, the second Living Force campaign.

    Let me make this as clear to you as it has become to us (but hear me out after I say it):

    There will not be an LF2 campaign.

    Wizards of the Coast has no interest in pursuing the Star Wars license agreement with LucasFilm beyond its Miniatures product line. This final decision came only very recently, which is why there has been such a delay in an announcement. With no roleplaying products coming out or scheduled, the roleplaying organized play division (the RPGA) will not support a second campaign set in the Star Wars universe.

    Thus, I repeat, there will not be a sequel to what WotC gladly acknowledges as a hugely successful campaign. We have had a great run, but just as there hasn't been a Year Six of Babylon 5, there will be no continuance of these great stories once they are finished.

    At Winter Fantasy, all good things (and this campaign from its inception under the immensely capable leadership of Jae Walker and the creative gifts of Morrie Mullins has been so VERY, VERY good) will come to an end. This decision is final; it will not change.

    Angry letters won't dissuade the powers that be. Threats and wails and gnashing of teeth will avail nothing. For very solid, very understandable reasons, the RPGA will not sanction a
    second "season". When it's over, it's over.

    So please, we your humble Coordinators beg of you, let's conduct these last months with the same dignity and strength of character (and characters) that made LF worth the gnashing of teeth uncountable. Enjoy the last story arcs. Play your roles to the fullest.

    BE the heroes we know you are.


    And that, as they say, is the bad news.

    The ~good news~ is that we are currently discussing plans for an all new campaign to fill the schedule void that will be left by LF's conclusion.

    I can only inform you of what we have been told is acceptable to release at this early date.

    The RPGA wants another science-fiction campaign. They want Cynthia and I to handle it, write it, and manage it. They want to make sure that you the players have a rich selection of games to enjoy and that ~includes~ a sci-fi genre choice.

    I honestly can say nothing more.

    When we know anything else, you'll know it that same day. Why? Because we suck at keeping secrets.

    I think we can all agree that this is definitely a dark time for Star Wars Roleplaying.

    EDIT: As a co-webmaster pointed out, this is far from an official end to the RPG, but is instead another grim indicator.