• BIG NEWS: Alien Anthology

    The Star Wars RPG Database is reporting that the previously announced Creatures of the Galaxy book has changed names, format, and release date to be even better! Here's their report:

    The previously announced "Creatures of the Galaxy" will not be coming out. Nor will "Denizens of the Galaxy." Contrary to rumor, nor will there be two separate books about Star Wars creatures and aliens released by WotC for the 'Star Wars Roleplaying Game.'

    What WILL be coming out is "Alien Anthology," a 128-page full color book. It covers creatures and aliens drawn from the movies, novels, comic books, and game material. Many of the aliens featured are being expounded upon for the first time in official game material.

    "Alien Anthology" is slated for an October 2001 release. It was written by Steve Miller and Owen K.C. Stephens, and edited by Brian Campbell and Cory Herndon. Illustrations are by Sam Wood & Co.