• Edge of the Empire Actual Play Podcast on the New Order 66

    Our good friend GM Chris from d20 Radio's Order 66 podcast has posted a note that the podcast will be running an actual play broadcast of the new Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire RPG. Here are the details:

    The Order 66 Podcast is proud to present the first in a series of live Edge of the Empire games! This live play broadcast will give listeners a feel for the Edge of the Empire game through actual play sessions with new and experienced players consisting of veteran gamers, gaming celebrities, and developers.

    The first session will be recorded and available in the upcoming inaugural episode of the New Order 66 Podcast, and will also be broadcast live, as it happens, on Justin.tv. Please join us for the live simulcast, where you can log in, watch and hear the game, and even join other listeners in live chat as the game progresses.

    The first live session will broadcast at 6:30pm CST on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012. And you can join in by watching and commenting at http://www.justin.tv/d20radio

    We'll see you all on Saturday!

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    1. cheshire's Avatar
      cheshire -
      This sounds awesome. I can't wait to see how this thing flows.
    1. darjr's Avatar
      darjr -
      That sounds way cool!
    1. Donovan Morningfire's Avatar
      Donovan Morningfire -
      It was a really good listen, particularly in showing how a bunch of players with zero experience with EotE's dice pool mechanic could get a grasp on it (there's quite a difference between the first encounter/episode and second episode) as well as how flexible the system can be. While it is a bit more codified than D6 in needing the spending of Advantages, Threats, and so forth to pull off "cool stuff," it's definitely a lot friendlier to that style of play than most of the d20 games, even Saga Edition, which is still my favorite d20 system by a wide margin, and one I still play even with FFG's "new hawtness" on the market.

      The post show discussion after the second episode is definitely worth listening to, as the players give their feedback on the system, only one of whom aside from the GM had any experience with it beforehand.
    1. cheshire's Avatar
      cheshire -
      Yeah, I've been following it since the first episode. It actually turned me on to the system, and I'm open to the idea of getting the book and checking it out more completely.
    1. Rustam's Avatar
      Rustam -
      Greetings fringers! We've been playing FFGs Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game (box set) this past month and are totally enjoying it! Played thru the introductory scenario using the six pregen characters (including the two extra downloaded from FFG). We're playing thru the free continuation scenario (also downloaded from FFG) now. The game mechanic is very visual and quick to learn, and game play is skills based and narrative driven. Big overall thing ... no target numbers!