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Draconian Sector

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Well since SWRPNetwork was nice enough to provide this space for everyone to use. I thought I would try it out by adding my personnel Sector of the Star Wars Galaxy. Below you will find a rough description of the sector and a brief sector history. In further installments I will be adding the finished race, military equipment, famous people of the sector, planets, a run down of the politics of the sector, and the Draconian Jedi. As well as time goes I will post about my groups adventures in the Sector as the Clone Wars rages on. Please note that most of the history during the New Jedi Order era is based in an infinity universe. So without further ado:

The Draconian Empire expands across 27 stars in the unknown region of space. There are only 4 known jump routes from the New Republic into the Empire. A hundred Draconian ships guard all 4 of these routes. These routes are a must to enter the Draconian Empire because there is gravitic anomaly that boarders the Empire and the Republic. This barrier acts as a wall and stops all starships in there tracks. There is no forward movement from this point at all unless you are following one of the corridors that make a hole in the gravitic anomaly. They sit at the border of the Empire to protect it. Along with them are Defense Platform and Drydock with gravity well projectors that pull any incoming ship out of hyperspace. At this time they begin to check your clearance or they just destroy you. There is a hidden route in that comes close to the Mason Star, but the Draconians don't think anyone is stupid enough to try that route so they don't guard it. The New Republic and Imperial Remnant have found this route successful for inserting operatives into the Draconian Empire.


During the fall of the Sith Empire the Republic was still exploring the Galaxy. They began to branch out into the Unknown Regions and discovered a small Coalition of planets that were controlled by a race called the Draconians. In the party of explorers were two scouts and a Jedi named Bareck Justicar. The Draconians new of the force and even had there own force users called the Kym-nark-mar. When the “Kym” saw Justicar and his lightsaber there became a split in there ranks. Some of the more radical “Kym” decided to use lightsabers, while the more traditional ones stuck with the “Kym” Sword. The Draconian Coalition as it was known joined the Republic, and expanded there Coalition out into the Unknown Region. There was trade and commerce between the Republic and the Coalition for over 3000 years. The Draconian Coalition supported the Republic during the Clone Wars by giving up part of there huge Naval Fleet to fight the Sepratists. It wasn't until after the first year of war that the Separatists turned their attention toward the Draconian Sector. The Draconians recalled their fleet and took the fight head on.

When the Emperor took control of the Republic and started his New Order the Draconians left the Republic and ended all contact with the Imperial Empire. The Emperor furious at this and needing the Draconians shipyards and technology sent a battle fleet of twelve Star Destroyers and support vessels to recapture the Coalition. Upon arriving in the sector the fleet was pulled out of hyperspace by Harvester-class Interdiction Cruisers. Waiting for them was the largest fleet ever massed, one thousand Wyvern-class battle cruisers and all there support ships commanded by the Draconian Grand-Admiral Lesarious Feyan. The battle was over in minutes, half of the Imperial Fleet was destroyed while Grand-Admiral Feyan let six of the Star Destroyers limp away to the safety of the Empire. The Emperor deciding the Empire could not take any more loses of that size decided to leave the Coalition alone and erased or destroyed any knowledge of them from the records.

While the Rebellion began the Draconians closed there borders and had a time of relative peace. During this time of solitude the Draconians built an even larger fleet encase of the Empires return. They began developing better technology and prospered like never before on there own. As war raged on in the Known Galaxy they began to expand there Coalition further into the Unknown Region.

After the Battle of Bakura the Rebel Alliance took a Ssi-ruuk capital ship through the Draconian Coalition to attack the Ssi-ruuk homeworld. The Rebel Alliance was pulled out of hyperspace and surrounded by Draconian Starships. The Rebel Alliance told them of there mission and that the Emperor was dead and the Empire was falling apart. The Draconians came out of seclusion and vowed to help the Rebel Alliance destroy the Empire. The Draconians began building newer ships with extremely high quality technology for the Alliance. The Coalition also sent ships to help aid the Alliance in there struggle.

At the same time the New Republic made a treaty with the Imperial Remnant and the Yuzan Vong began there attacks Darth Stidreck, a Sith Lord, came to power in the Coalition. He took charge of the Draconian Fleet and ordered it to blockade the home world of the Coalition until the President of the Coalition surrendered. Stidreck took over and became an Emperor turning the Coalition into an Empire and closed the borders once again. Then out of hatred for the Republic and the Jedi began to attack the New Republic and the Jedi Counsel.
As the Yuzan Vong wiped out the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic the Draconian Empire was preparing for war. The Draconian Empire discovered a new metal, called Poreillium, and a fantastic way to use it. They began building a new fleet made up of this material. A Jedi Diplomat, Kelson McCray, seeing that the only chance the Galaxy had to survive the purge by the Yuzan Vong was to become allies with the Draconians. Successful at his attempts the Draconians, Imperial Remnant, New Republic, Corporate Sectors, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and other organization formed an alliance to make a last stand against the Yuzan Vong. The battle was to take place at Hoth. They set up defensive perimeters in the system and lured the Yuzan Vong fleet into the system. The Yuzan Vong fleet was annihilated and the combined forces of the Galaxy had won.
Now the inhabitants of the Galaxy are rebuilding and the Draconian Empire has gone back into there isolationism. They are once again preparing for war against the New Republic.

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    Looks great! And thanks for being the first person other than me to test out the blog functionality.
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