Need some tips!!

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Hello my name is Ed.

I have recently begun gamemastering a new campaign with 3 of my friends. I'm setting this campaign during the Rebellion era and the PCs will play as Bounty hunters. I'm having a hard time kicking off the entire campaign and i need some tips on beginning campaigns.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Moridin's Avatar
    Honestly, you've got a great set-up for a campaign. At the start, you can probably just do bounty hunting missions. Pick a target for them, put the target in a situation geared for action, and see how the PCs respond. Once they've done a few bounty hunting missions, you can start mixing it up, and you should have a good idea where your players' interests lie.

    Additionally, you'll probably get more answers if you pose the question on the forums. The Gamemaster Discussion forum is a great place for things like this.
  2. moriarty_e's Avatar
    okay thanks for the tips, after ive written the first adventure i'll most likely post a pdf file up