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    by Published on 23 March 2001 03:13 AM
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    Wizards of the Coast has updated their site with some minor new info. The first is an insightful interview with Brian Campbell, who is the editor for the Living Force Campaign Guide and The Dark Side. He discusses everything from working with White Wolf, to Living Force, to...tentacles. Yeah. Tentacles. There's also a GM Screen Sneak Peek--which is to say that they've put an ad up in article form. There's an article as well discussing the new Gunga BulbaBong shuttlecraft, written by Cory Herndon, which deals with a good intra-system craft made by the Gungans. Lastly, there's an open letter from Jeff Quick explaining what happened with Insider #51. Surf on over and check it out. ...
    by Published on 19 March 2001 08:23 PM
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    The next big sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast for the Star Wars RPG is Secrets of Tatooine, scheduled for a May 2001 release. News has been a little scarce lately, but we've uncovered some insider information as to what can be found in the Secrets of Tatooine sourcebook. Thanks to JeDi Wiker for the information!

    Does the book follow the Secrets of Naboo format in that it has 2/3 source material, 1/3 adventure?

    JD: "More or less. Each of three major cities are discussed in terms of their prominence during the Rise of the Empire Era (Mos Espa), the Rebellion Era (Mos Eisley), and The New Jedi Order Era (Mos Entha). There will be a map for each of the three major cities.

    The adventure is set in the Rebellion Era, but there are guidelines for adapting it to other eras--and considering how little Tatooine changes, it's not difficult to adapt *any* adventure there to other eras.

    There will be an updated map of Jabba's Throneroom, and the Boonta Eve track--but not actually a map of the Arena.

    Most of the major characters who are either indigenous to Tatooine or who more or less permanently live on Tatooine are covered--so Jabba, Gardulla, Bib Fortuna, Chalmun, Wuher, Momaw Nadon, Prefect Talmont, Muftak and Kabe, Lady Valarian, Eefive-tootoo, the Weequays, Salacious Crumb, and some all-new characters for The New Jedi Order Era, including Valarian's protege and the "reborn" Bib Fortuna. And this is just skimming the surface."

    Well, there you have it. Sounds like this book is going to be chock full of information for any era. The NJO-Era stuff sounds interesting, to say the least, given that it should be all-new information on the settlement of Mos Entha. We'll keep you updated. ...
    by Published on 17 March 2001 08:56 AM
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    WotC has updated their website with a trio of new articles regarding the Star Wars RPG. The first is a new adventure set in the Rebellion Era called Damsel in Distress, which sends a group of heroes to rescue the Rebel starship called the Stellar Damsel. The next article deals with the Swamp Womp Rat, a special Creature Feature for the Living Force campaign detailing a creature from the swamps of Cularin. The last article, entitled Gametalk Wanted, is simply a plug for the WotC chat rooms. ...
    by Published on 16 March 2001 07:46 AM
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    The Official Star Wars Website has posted an article about Star Wars Gamer #3. The article doesn't really cover any new ground, but serves to highlight Lucasfilm's and WotC's goals with the magazine. Also included are some short article descriptions, and the image of the cover. Check it out! ...
    by Published on 13 March 2001 03:07 PM
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    WotC has updated their official SWRPG website with some new articles of interest. There's a Living Force Art Gallery, an article on the new G-1 Starfighter (another joint venture between the Gungans and the Naboo), a sketchbook on soldier, scout, and scoundrel miniature concept art, and an in-depth look at Toba from the Invasion of Theed Adventure Game. Check it out, if you like. Also note on the left hand side of the page, we feature the latest headlines from the WotC website, syndicated and updated automatically. ...
    by Published on 11 March 2001 05:08 AM
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    Gregg Miller chimes in with a new report on the contents of Star Wars Gamer #3. Here's what he had to say:

    2 stories, one by Kevin J. Anderson titled Bane of the Sith. Another one dealing with Talon Karrde.

    The stuff regarding the RPG: The main meat is the articles on how to build and play droid characters. Also info on our favorite little guys, the Jawas. Also info on Spaceports and Landing pads. Also an article entitled "The smugglers Alliance". It gives the stats for Karrde and his buddies.

    Christopher West also gave a short report of some of the things in the magazine. Here's what he had to say:

    I got my subscription copy of Gamer #3 yesterday, too...It's got a vast wealth of valuable RPG content.

    Not only have they listened to the fans and included sidebars of game info for things in the short stories ("Dxunian Stalker" and "Dxunian Raptor" in this issue), there also seems to be proportionally more RPG content compared to the rest. One of the stories in this issue is just a three-page novel excerpt about Talon Karrde, which allowed for more space for RPG articles. There's also only one adventure in this issue, though it's a sweet 12-pager. ("Cloud Cover" -- Two acts...set on Cloud City, of course.)

    The computer game section also includes a bunch of valuable game stats: one vehicle (Trade Federation gunboat) plus a few characters from the planning of Star Wars Galaxies: A Bothan Scoundrel/Jedi Guardian, a [blue-skinned but cool looking] Mon Calamarian Scout, and a Twi'lek Noble/Crimelord. Topping it off are stats for a Krayt Dragon.

    Even if you don't count this extra RPG stuff, there's a total of 9 RPG-related articles, plus the adventure. While the droid stuff will no doubt get a lot of attention and the starport maps are cool, I suspect the real gem of the issue will be the 14 pages of rules, ship stats, and ship tokens for playing out starfighter combat on the poster-sized hex map.

    All in all, it appears to be a very worthy issue.
    by Published on 7 March 2001 09:30 PM
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    The Star Wars RPG Database is reporting that the previously announced Creatures of the Galaxy book has changed names, format, and release date to be even better! Here's their report:

    The previously announced "Creatures of the Galaxy" will not be coming out. Nor will "Denizens of the Galaxy." Contrary to rumor, nor will there be two separate books about Star Wars creatures and aliens released by WotC for the 'Star Wars Roleplaying Game.'

    What WILL be coming out is "Alien Anthology," a 128-page full color book. It covers creatures and aliens drawn from the movies, novels, comic books, and game material. Many of the aliens featured are being expounded upon for the first time in official game material.

    "Alien Anthology" is slated for an October 2001 release. It was written by Steve Miller and Owen K.C. Stephens, and edited by Brian Campbell and Cory Herndon. Illustrations are by Sam Wood & Co.
    by Published on 6 March 2001 09:32 PM
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    A little more information about the next issue of Star Wars Gamer has come in the form of the cover of the magazine and some excellent insider information from Star Wars RPG author Steve Miller. Here's what he had to say about the issue:

    I think SW Gamer #2 is a vast improvement over #1... the fiction's better, the game articles are better [well, MY short story in #1 is unmatched... ;-)]...overall, it's just BETTER.

    And the same is true of #3. I got an advanced look at a copy of it this morning. Cory Herndon's written a GREAT expansion of the droid rules in the core rule book--more droids, official droid PC guidelines; there are some great starport maps; and the starfighter rules using the 'Silent Death' game mechanics are also neat. (And even if you don't want to use those rules, there are some great counters of TIE fighters and such.) And in #3, there are game stats that tie to the short story (!)... we had 'em for #1, but they were web downloads, or hidden in the computer game section.

    If #4 continues to show the same upward trend of improvement we've been seeing, it'll be better than I can imagine.

    That information, combined with the news of the Darth Bane short story, make this magazine an issue I can't wait to pick up. Issue #3 should be hitting newsstands around March 19, and if you happen to get the issue via subscription before then, don't hesitate to e-mail us with a report. ...
    by Published on 5 March 2001 01:36 PM
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    A news report on TheForce.Net indicates that veteran Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson will once again be returning to the Star Wars universe in the form of a short story. Apparently detailing the origins of Darth Bane, this news was posted on his official site:

    "Bane of the Sith"
    Kevin To Do New Star Wars Short Story: The Origin of Darth Bane

    Many fans have written to ask when Kevin will return to the Star Wars universe with more original fiction. You have only to wait until March for a 5000-word short story, never before published, in issue #3 of the Star Wars Gamer magazine (on newsstands March 19).

    The new story, "Bane of the Sith," is set a thousand years before Episode 1, and tells the origin of Darth Bane, an evil Sith Lord who changed the nature of dark-side followers forever. This story provides a bridge between the Tales of the Jedi History and The Phantom Menace and also acts as a springboard for a new Dark Horse Comics series, Jedi vs. Sith.
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