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    by Published on 20 July 2006 02:56 PM
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    The box art for the upcoming Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles game has been revealed, and it looks as though the ships included are going to be rather large. Also, it looks as though both the Executor and the Mon Calamari cruiser are really, really big -- if the starter box is to scale with the Revenge of the Sith starter box, the ships could be as big as twice or three times the size of the WotC standard Huge-sized miniatures. If so, this set could be one of the best things to come out of WotC (especially for fans of the RPG) in years! ...
    by Published on 15 May 2006 03:30 PM
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    Wizards of the Coast's product catalogue has been updated to include the releases for September through December of 2006, and one of the new products is a highly-anticipated starship combat game. Here is the blurb from the catalogue:

    Star Wars Miniatures
    Starship Battles
    Starter Set and Booster
    The Star War Miniatures gaming experience reaches a whole new level!

    Star Wars Starship Battles is a new collectible miniatures game based on the popular Star Wars Miniatures Game. Long anticipated by fans, Starship Battles presents authentic starship figures from across all eras of the Star Wars saga. This 40-figure set is made up exclusively of space vehicles of all sizes, from starfighters to capital ships, all represented in relative scale. The starter game also contains two exclusive, non-randomized figures not available anywhere else, the Super Star Destroyer Executor and the Mon Calamari Star Defender Viscount.

    Drawn from the popular films, computer games, comics, and novels, the starships in this set are presented in relative scale to each other and not scale with other Star Wars Miniatures figures.

    Starter Game Componants:
    • rulebook
    • game map
    • two exclusive, non-randomized figures
    • ten randomized figures
    • stat card for each figure
    • set checklist
    • Booster Componants:
    • seven randomized figures
    • stat card for each figure
    • set checklist

    Nov. 21, 2006; Starter $39.99, Booster $19.99

    Sounds pretty interesting. Also of note, I have a Dungeons & Dragons book coming out in September, co-written by Star Wars d20 author Owen K.C. Stephens. Here's the blurb on it:

    Dragon Magic
    Owen K.C. Stephens and Rodney Thompson
    An exploration of two of the most exciting components of D&D - magic and dragons.
    Dragon Magic changes the way dragons are used in D&D campaigns. By imagining a world in which dragons openly share their magical secrets with humans and other races, this supplement encourages characters to form associations with dragons and learn ancient dragon secrets. Intended for both players and Dungeon Masters, Dragon Magic offers players new feats, spells, and magical items tied to dragons, while it gives DMs information on how to run a challenging new setting or enrich a current campaign.
    Sept. 12, 2006; 160 page hardcover, $29.95

    Thanks to Thalmin at ENWorld for the update! ...
    by Published on 10 February 2006 03:15 PM
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    SWRPGNetwork staffer GMSarli is reporting that the upcoming Attack on Endor Scenario Pack expansion for the Star Wars Miniatures Game will include new game material for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Apparently, the package includes statistics for several characters and creatures. Here's the scoop:

    New vehicle, new creature, bunch of NPCs ... some of these guys had stats previously (several from Rebellion Era Sourcebook), but they're updated to the revised rules. Ponda Boba, Dr. Evazan, and Baron Sootir Fel are all new (AFAIK), and Kyle Katarn is the only one who already had revised stats (Power of the Jedi, but then no one seems to be able to get a copy of PotJ anymore!). Complete list:

    • Admiral Ackbar
    • BARC Speeder
    • Baron Fel
    • Varactyl (the lizard, named "Boga," that Obi-Wan rode on Utapau in RotS)
    • Dark Trooper Phase III
    • Dr. Evazan
    • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    • Guri
    • Kyle Katarn
    • Ponda Boba
    • Prince Xizor

    A step in the right direction, at the very least. Here's hoping that sales do well and roleplayers show enough interest to encourage the production of more RPG material. ...
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