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    by Published on 1 December 2012 12:59 PM
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    Our good friend GM Chris from d20 Radio's Order 66 podcast has posted a note that the podcast will be running an actual play broadcast of the new Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire RPG. Here are the details:

    The Order 66 Podcast is proud to present the first in a series of live Edge of the Empire games! This live play broadcast will give listeners a feel for the Edge of the Empire game through actual play sessions with new and experienced players consisting of veteran gamers, gaming celebrities, and developers.

    The first session will be recorded and available in the upcoming inaugural episode of the New Order 66 Podcast, and will also be broadcast live, as it happens, on Justin.tv. Please join us for the live simulcast, where you can log in, watch and hear the game, and even join other listeners in live chat as the game progresses.

    The first live session will broadcast at 6:30pm CST on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012. And you can join in by watching and commenting at http://www.justin.tv/d20radio

    We'll see you all on Saturday!
    by Published on 18 January 2007 06:47 PM
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    Please forgive the personal announcement, but I figured that site visitors would likely want to know about this. I have recently accepted a position as a full time designer for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game at Wizards of the Coast. I'm moving out to Seattle to work in the Wizards offices as a full-time employee, helping write and direct the Star Wars RPG line and assisting on the Star Wars miniatures line. Though it's a daunting prospect to move across the country, I feel confident that I'll be able to adapt. Additionally, since I'll be spending my days working on the Star Wars RPG, I'll be doing what I've been working toward for the last five years.

    I hope that this turns out to be a good move. At the very least, it should give all fans of Star Wars roleplaying some hope, as it means the line will continue with me as a full-time designer. Wish me luck, and may the Force be with you! ...
    by Published on 24 October 2006 06:15 PM
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    Last night as a part of WotC's UnCon, Gary "GMSarli" Sarli and I took part in an online chat about the upcoming Star Wars RPG Saga Edition core rulebook. Though the chat was a surprise to me as well, we managed to have a pretty solid chat that revealed some details of the new system. Check out the Holonet Forums post for a transcript of the chat, and ongoing discussion. Special thanks to Starcloud on the WotC forums for providing the transcript of the evening's festivities. ...
    by Published on 4 January 2006 02:44 PM
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    We at SWRPGNetwork always like to see interesting new fan projects, and the guys over at the Star Wars fan comics site (responsible for the excellent Cracken's Crew fan comic) have come up with a great sourcebook for fans of the prequel era. This sourcebook covers many of the Jedi from the Clone Wars and is a great resource for anyone looking to add a little action to their prequel game. Nar Cranr sent us this brief blurb about the project:

    Fandom Comics has finally released the first chapter of their latest work in progress; a Clone Wars Sourcebook. The current chapter features thirteen NPCs that are either Sith or Dark Jedi during the Clone Wars era, along with a chronological write up of their involvement during the Clone Wars.

    Be sure to surf on over and check it out, and discuss it right here on the Holonet Forums. ...
    by Published on 1 January 2006 08:03 PM
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    From all of us at SWRPGNetwork, we wish you a Happy New Year. We hope you are happy, prosperous, and have lots of Star Wars-related fun in the new year, and we look forward to continuing to be a place where members of the gaming community come to enjoy Star Wars roleplaying. Happy New Year! ...
    by Published on 28 March 2001 06:27 PM
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    We received this Press Release from the creators of JediTalk, an online talk show about Star Wars. Here it is:

    For Immediate Release:

    Jedi Talk has been on the air for over two years and is close to it 100th broadcast. This week Darion Blade, Creator and long time co-host of Jedi Talk announced he would no longer be Co-hosting Jedi Talk after show 100.

    Although we will miss Darion on Sunday nights Jedi Talk is doing this a move to better itself. For many reasons,

    1. Darion needs the time to be able to work on promotions for Jedi Talk and Gamers Tavern. Also the Station Radio Evolution has new shows coming that many of you will be interested in and Darion wants to have the time to launch and maintain them properly.

    2. Darion also has a new job that takes up a lot of time and makes it difficult for him to do a show every Sunday night. Of course Jedi Talk is not going away we will still be broadcasting every Sunday night. With Lars Quillion and Kal Thanos. Darion will still be around and always will be a major part of Jedi Talk. He will be listening and participating in the chat room as much as he can.

    “Jedi Talk has been something that I have really loved doing. And I hope to come back as a host in the future. But, for now if I don’t concentrate on the back end of the show, the station and the shows may go away. I have had a blast and I hope people will remember me.” Darion Blade. Darion will still be on Show 99 and 100 so be sure to catch him the last few times on the air. Darion wanted to thank every one for the emails that came in after the announcement on the show this last Sunday.

    “Jedi Talk has been though host changes before. Although we know this is the biggest one yet. However, the show will continue on. And one day I will be back. Thanks for all the great Jedi Talk support. And don’t worry I wont be completely gone.” Darion Says.

    We will miss Darion, but we hope people will continue to listen. WE have some very exciting things coming in the future for Jedi Talk.


    Dark Side or Light Join Us Sunday Night!

    We'll miss you, Darion! ...
    by Published on 18 March 2001 04:29 AM
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    Wizards of the Coast finally has their message boards back up after a long absence. Now using a UBB format, you can register on the boards and get in touch with other D20 Star Wars players. They also have boards for the other D20 products, like D&D and Wheel of Time. Drop by and chat! ...
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