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    Rodney Dark Side Article

    Many years ago Rodney wrote an awesome article about what it might be like to fall to the dark side. There was an example with an old man reaching into his coat. I really liked the article and wanted...
  2. Wouldn't it be a see force check?

    Wouldn't it be a see force check?
  3. shields

    should a walker really have shields?
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    Something that'd be really great

    I'm not sure if ur at liberty to talk about the new martial arts rules coming up in the Heroes book, but in my campaign i've been having a lot of trouble with making rules for what my players want to...
  5. Lightsabers

    Since this book is he arms and equipment guide, do they say anything about lightsabers? So far I haven't een athing in any rulebooks about customizing lightsabers. Do you know if WotC is ever gonna...
  6. Revised Rules

    You guys sould update him to the revised rules.
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    In the NJO series they say that the fosh are a species that dissappeared from the galaxy. Does anyone know how they dissappeared?
  8. Temptation

    I think these rules are great, but my only criticism is that the chart for what happens when gaining dark side points should be changed so that it reflects what happens when a character becomes...
  9. force jump

    Just to let u know, force jump is accomplished by using burst of speed. its like a package deal, u get force jump and force speed in the same feet, if u read the in the feats section under burst of...
  10. martial arts for d20

    with the revised rulebook and the new martisl art feats, u guys could really use that as potential and develop an awesome d20 system for star wars martial arts skills and maneuvers
  11. Starlancer

    What happens if one of the ships doesn't make a successful attack?
  12. Bacta Patches

    In your opinion, od you think that Bacta patches are for sale anywhere in the Star Wars Universe. Like, your character stops some shop, is there a possibility that the store carries a box of Bacta...
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    What kind of training facilities were on the ship?
  14. Jedi Master Prestige Class

    How come there was a need to make a Jedi Master prestige class? Does this mean that a Jedi Knight can't become a Jedi Master without this PrC, or does it just mean that in order to get on the Jedi...
  15. Repel Force Lightning

    In my opinion, I think that having the Force Lightning feat and using it as Repel Force Lightning should, instead of the rules above, give the character a +5 misc. modifier when using the Force...
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