Okay. First, how are the Jedi being used once the NR has fallen, or been driven back from Coruscant? Are they reinforcing the military or being used as commanders, like Yoda was at Geonosis? I've got four Jedi characters (myself included) looking to do something after Coruscant falls. Right now, everybody is focusing on building their lightsabers and training for the coming assault (everybody KNOWS it's coming...), but what happens afterward? I know Jaina goes off to the Hapan Cluster, and I know Jacen received training about the Living Force (true or false) from Vergere, but what are the rest of the Jedi doing? yes, I'm asking for a spoiler here, so if you don't want to know, don't read on.

Second: I've been thinking about a mission in which the Jedi get cut off from the NR for a while, and have to divert to a planet in the Imperial Remnant. Would they be able to divert there, would the Imperials thrown them out, and if not, how would they be received?

Third: Okay. What about the Jedi starfighter squadrons that were being formed? How many were there, and what types of fighters were they given? XJ3 models or what?

Fourth: The Jedi Council...how many Jedi are one it, and does it have the same purpose it did back in the days of the Old Republic? Who are the Jedi on the new council?