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Thread: # of TIE in an ISD?

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    Default # of TIE in an ISD?

    In a campaign that I am currently running, my PC's are about to attack an ISD. Does anyone out there have a detailed listing of the number of Tie fighters and Bombers that are in a typical ISD. If anyone has them please respond. Thanks
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    Impstars carry a standard complement of one wing of TIEs, 72 fighters. The exact makeup would vary according to the ship's role and the time.

    An early complements might be something like 5 squadrons of TIE/ln Fighters and one of TIE/gt bombers, although you could include a squadron of the sometimes used TIE boarding craft.

    Later on, the /gts would be replaced by TIE bombers.

    By the battle of Endor, I believe the standard complement was 4 squadrons of TIE interceptors and 2 of bombers, although I don't know what proportion of destroyers were actually equipped this way.

    After Endor, things regress a bit, they could carry a variety of mixtures, and at the time of the Thrawn duology, the Empire uses preybird fighters as standard (though they return to TIEs later).
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    Actually I was under the impression that by the Battle of Endor, Imperial Star Destroyers were carrying 3 squadrons of TIE Fighters, 2 squadrons of TIE Interceptors, and 1 squadron of TIE Bombers, a typical one that is.

    I suppose it really depends on the ship and its current mission/operation.
    Let's say for powalsh's sake, its a ImpStar on standard patrol duty. I'd say it might look like this:

    -4 TIE Starfighter Squadrons
    -1 TIE Interceptor Squadron
    -1 TIE Bomber Squadron
    -4 TIE Scouts (Flight Group)

    That's just my take on it, though Rogue Janson certainly has a great complement for a Star Destroyer on a hit and fade mission.
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