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Thread: Do the Vong use Hyperdrives?

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    Default Do the Vong use Hyperdrives?

    I'm not too familiar with the NJO or the capabilities of the Vuuzhan Vong but has it been revealed how they travel from system to system? Do they use hyperspace (the way everyone else does) or do they have a way of travelling faster-than-light while staying in normal space (i.e. some sort of warp drive)?

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    Yes, they do travel in hyperspace (named Dark Space) by them. Of course they do not use mechanical drives.....
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    Vong use dovin basels to proppell them at hyperspace speeds.Those engines sure do suck.

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    Dovin basals are essentially the core of Yuuzhan Vong space technology. They are in actuality, like everything Vong, a living creature that propels ships in realspace, boosts them through hyperspace, absorbs and sucks up lasers or projectiles, and tractors ships closer to them. Without dovin basals, the Vong are essentially powerless, however with them, the forces of the galaxy are hard-pressed to fight them, much less beat them.
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    Default dovin basels

    The dovin basels are used for defense and propullsion, but when used at the same time both are weak. Also for sublight they project there dovin basels close to them and for "hyperspace" they are projected far away. The NJO novels have lots of information on them.
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