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Thread: Help with Character Concept

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    Rebellion era? i'd say make a Tech Specialist/Slicer. gathering info and all the other things a slicer do are invaluable to the Rebellion.
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    Hmmm, if you really want to play a Force Sensitive, then you could have an FS character that acts as a partner to the Noble: the Noble comes up with the ideas and does the talking, and the Force Sensitive just affects their minds if that's not enough. Or you could make him.her a bodyguard to the Noble, with most of their non-Force skills based on combat but with a few Force based on sensing things so that nobody ever sneaks up on their employer/friend. Kinda like Aes Sedai and Warders, if you read the Wheel of Time, but if not then no matter.
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    Here's something that I found very exciting in GMing. I once got a player to play this and it was awesome:

    The Amnesiac

    Just roll up any stats. The player doesn't even need to create a background. The GM has to do this, with great care, and the adventures would be geared to reveal more about the PC, bit by bit. The amnesiac's story might start off as something unrelated to the main campaign storyline, but the GM can write it so that discovering the PC's past is the key to ending the campaign favorably for the players.

    Of course not to sideline the other players, make sure their histories are related to the main campaign storyline. The amnesiac's discovery near the end of the campaign would serve as a surprise for the players (especially the player of the amnesiac).

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    When I run two PCs at once, I prefer to keep their interaction to a minimum. It's not as much fun to have a conversation with yourself as it is to talk to another player.

    Also, if your characters don't care much for each other, there's less chance that other players will cast doubt on your motivation. "Hey, your character wouldn't do that. You're making him do that just to help your other character."

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I really like the idea of being a bodyguard for the noble!
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    you're welcome, have fun with it.
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