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Thread: Looking to join an online campaign

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    Default Looking to join an online campaign

    I have been looking for a good online campaign to join. I haven't found one yet. Do you guys know of any campaigns that are accepting new players. There aren't many people that roleplay where I live. Any help is appreciated.
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    Default Invasion of Theed

    red5_5, And I'm looking to start one in the Roleplaying Forum. More information here.

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    I am also running an online campaign. It is being hosted by the good people at Rondak's It is a great site. The people there are friendly. I already am DMing (since they're D&D ones) 2, and GMing one. I am still looking for players to sign up. Get an account there, and then look for my campaign under the Star Wars RPG section of Available Worlds.

    My campaign is called The Long Night.

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    I don't know if you're still looking, but I am looking for players to join my campaign. It's an infinities campaign. Any type of character is welcome. If you're interested in playing then here's the link to the prologue of the campaign so you see if you like the storyline so far.
    I don't want too many players, but I do want enough to run the campaign.

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