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Thread: Ridiculous Darth Names

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    Default Ridiculous Darth Names

    After the themed Heroís guide AIM chat we realized on an unrelated topic that you could stick the letters IN before a Darthís name and get a word (Sidious, Vader become Insidious, Invader.) Obviously it doesnít work for Maul or Bane, but we didnít let that stop us.We share with you our results and encourage you to add yours. Elfword, DanKyrinov, Hydrospanner243, Khairul Hisham, Fox 11681, Darth Cassed, and GrimacePCH were all involved in the discussion that brought such ridiculousness to the fore of the chat, but some of them sadly did not get on the bandwagon and chose not to join the Darthers. No dictionaries were used during the creation of this list.

    Darth Grate
    Darth Nuendo
    Darth Genious
    Darth Sane
    Darth Visible
    Darth Law
    Darth Yerface
    Darth Yourmom
    Darth Cognito
    Darth Ternet
    Darth To
    Darth Breed
    Darth Bred
    Darth Sider Trading
    Darth Tillectual
    Darth Terrupt
    Darth Competent
    Darth Vigorate
    Darth Grown Toenail
    Darth Vulnerable
    Darth Termission
    Darth Tercept
    Darth Tangible
    Darth Tricate
    Darth Stitute
    Darth Donesia
    Darth Dia
    Darth Digo
    Darth Depth
    Darth Terstellar
    Darth Sulin
    Darth Sect!
    Darth Igo Montoya
    Darth Dignant
    Darth Directly
    Darth Dependant
    Darth Jure
    Darth Cubate
    Darth Decisive
    Darth Credulous
    Darth Crease
    Darth Valid
    Darth Cubus
    Darth Dentation
    Darth Box
    Darth Kjet Printer
    Darth Carnate
    Darth Ch
    Darth Cense
    Darth Uit!
    Darth Tercourse
    Darth Cest
    Darth Clude
    Darth Surance
    Darth Dict
    Darth Comparable
    Darth Got.
    Darth Conceivable
    Darth Considerate
    Darth Sipid.
    Darth Consolable
    Darth Continent
    Darth nOut
    Darth Convenient
    Darth Fraction
    Darth Mate
    Darth Ca
    Darth Doubtably
    Darth Disposed
    Darth Human
    Darth Dividual
    Darth Placable
    Darth KyPinkyBlinknClyde.
    Darth Discrete
    Darth Gress
    Darth Dianapolis
    Darth Take
    Darth Mate
    Darth Novative
    Darth Satiable
    Darth VidInvasion
    Darth Trepid
    Darth Dustrious
    Darth Occuous
    Darth Solent
    Darth Occulation
    Darth Dochina
    Darth Soluble
    Darth Dianajones
    Darth Quisition
    Darth Nocent
    Darth Spector
    Darth Tuitive
    Darth Ept
    Darth Stantaneous
    Darth Ebriated
    Darth Timate
    Darth Vitation
    Darth Terregnum
    Darth Travenous
    Darth Voluntary
    Darth Put
    Darth Vertebrate
    Darth Ferior
    Darth Ward
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    It looks like my leaving the chat ended the insanity since there are no more entries after Darth Ward. It was a great time, although a few of the chatters thought we were quite insane. I have no idea what they're talking about. They're just jealous the voices don't talk to them.
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    I didn't think those would be published here.....all makin fun of me.....Darth Bile, you just had to leave me alone with those lunatics!
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    As I write this I still haven't left the chat room... Darth Fidel!!

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    Perhaps we should clarify their Holonet names from their AIM names:

    Dan Kyrinov = Dan Kyrinov
    ElfWord = ElfWord
    Khairul Hisham = hisham
    Fox 11681 = Dragon Fox IX
    Hydrospanner243 = coldskier0320
    GrimacePCH = Grimace
    Darth Cassed = Darth_Cassed

    Darth Terminable? Darth Edible? Darth Curred?
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    You forgot Darth Sert.

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    I think Darth Dia was my favorite. Never would have thought of that one.

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    how about Dath Pressive, Most Inpressive.
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    Now we're on Yavin after our secret base was compromised...It's hard to fight continuity!!!


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    what about

    Darth Ternal
    Darth Terrogator
    Darth Quisitor
    Darth Mediate
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    Looks like i didnt miss much either after i went to sleep

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    D'Arth Tagnan
    Darth Mouth
    Darth Deco
    Darth Vark

    EDIT: Addendum

    Darth Bored
    Darth Wrait
    Darth Turius Rex
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    Anyhoo, just some random thoughts...


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    Check this site out:

    It'll keep you crazies entertained for hours on end .
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    Default LOL Dan!

    I'll bet you forgot it was I that gave you that theory, or had my theory repeated to you by someone (probly Worm or Terras) who witnessed my initial Darth Rant.

    Along with speculating that the as-yet-unnamed Count Dooku might be the infamous

    Darth Fectious
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