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Thread: Has Anyone Played Galaxies yet?

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    Default Has Anyone Played Galaxies yet?

    as i'm sure everyones aware Star Wars Galaxies is now out and up and has anyone bought it and played it...and more importantly is it worth paying the 50 bucks plus $112 yearly fee? secondly is it like everpest > does it take eons to lvl up and all of that? and how hard is it to make a character become a jedi or is it even possible. basically i'm considering purchasing galaxies but am having doubts...and am thinking maybe i should wait for expansions or something like an old republic expansion so i can just jump in as a jedi character.

    whats everyones opinion on this game. need to know if its worth the time( not to mention all that cash) or not.
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    any RPer's in the Niagara Falls, Buffalo area? email me.

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    My friends were beta-testers and had a blast. Take this as praise or condemnation: If you have an addictive personality, stay the heck away from this game.
    Jim Williams

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    I have it and it is AWESOME!

    I bought the Collectors Edition, but I would say get teh normal one. The collectors Edition is more of a bragging right than anything else. I created a human Corellian and a Trandoshan. My Trandoshan is named Xodo and is HUGE. 2.25 metres tall. He looks just plain mean. My human is a handsome Corellian Scout.

    I have had some combat and it is so cool to hear the blaster fire and stuff. I watched teh twin suns of Tatooine set and rise. I have chatted with a bothan while we waited for the transport to Mos Eisley. the conversation went like this.

    Cay Qel-Droma [my character]: "So where you heading?"
    Bothan: "Mos Espa."
    Cay Qel-Droma: "I'm heading to Mos Eisley. I am supposed to meet a spacer there."
    Bothan: "This transport is taking forever to get here."
    Cay Qel-Droma: "Tell me about it. I also heard teh Empire is going to raise taxes next year."
    Bothan: "Empire doesn't know when to quit."
    Cay Qel-Droma: "Empire is just plain greedy. Liek my uncle."
    Bothan: "Whose your uncle?"
    Cay Qel-Droma: "Kith Qel-Droma."
    Bothan: "Well my rides here."
    Cay Qel-Droma: "Good journey to you."
    Bothan: "And to you as well."

    That is word for word player to player chat in the game. I felt I was acutally there on Tatooine talking about the local stuff with an alien.

    Ithorians are HUGE. There is one in teh Cantina at Mos Eisley that is over 7 feet tall! Some aggressive animals on the worlds may attack you if you get to close to them. I had a Tatooine desert lizard about 2 metres long attack me because I got to close to it. Our group is of 1 crazy Bothan (a friend of mine) and a women female artisan (another friend of mine). We have set dozens of long term goals that will take many months to years to accomplish. Oh well. I say if you have a good PC and graphics card GET THIS GAME. The first month is free and they have most of teh kinks worked out as far as I can tell.

    PC requirments.

    Processor: Minium of 500 Mhz (slow logins and loads. some lag in major towns depending on users logged in). Better have 700 Mhz+ to 2 Ghz for best play quality.

    RAM: Minimum 256 MB DDR, best with 512 MB DDR. 1 GB DDR is just plain smoking

    Graphics: Use Radeons 7200 +, The GeForce family only, or at least cards that are powered by those chip sets. Intel cards will not work period. Nor will TNT or Voodoo.

    Well I am off. Got a big day of dealing with Jabbas thugs at the outskirt of Mos Eisley tomorrow. I will keep you all updated.

    Fred Getce
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    I played EverQuest.

    EverQuest is evil.

    Ergo, all MMOs are evil.

    I will never play Galaxies.

    It terrifies me.

    It's like EverQuest, but Star Wars.

    Tyler J. Hill

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    Chatting with my friend last night that bought it on Friday. He's nicknamed it StarCrack already...

    I think I'll have to get a copy then.

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    I've been following the development of this game since its announcement in March 2000. From all accounts, it's a great game.

    If you're one of those emotionally fragile people that anti-gaming groups love to make examples of (and make no mistake, there are just as many groups dedicated to abolishing pen-and-paper roleplaying), then you might want to steer clear and concentrate on forming real-life relationships. However, if you enjoy making new online friends and adventuring with them in a beautifully rendered Star Wars environment, then you'll want to give SWG a look.

    I have this game... now I just need to buy a whole new system so that I can actually play it!

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    Default Star Wars Galaxies - the Disaster

    This is a post I worked up for another board I'm on. I'm still refining my thoughts, but this is just about everything in a nutshell. . . .


    First let me start out by saying that I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and a long time gamer. I've been playing way back when the Atari 2600 was news. RTS and FPS are my cup of tea for the most part, along with a healthy dose of console gaming. I haven't done a whole lot of Everquest, because I was saving myself for the Star Wars galaxy experience. I wanted SWG to be my first love.

    Oh what a fickle mistress she was.

    First the good points of the game:

    SWG is an amazing looking game. The lighting and effects look stunning and the character models look damn nice. The Tatooine sunset really cast light that looked like it came off a pair of setting suns. The character design is pretty flexable, with a wide selection of skins and variants thereof. Those are some pretty detailed models, I must say.

    (The problem is that all the power comes at a high price. Even on a high end computer, the game is chuggy as hell. I've got a pretty beefy computer - 1.7 ghz, more memory than god, a nice Geforce 4, ect, ect - and still I was getting all kinds of chop when in I was a crowded section of town. And I'm not the only one - I've heard lots of complaints from other folks with high end machines.)

    However. . ..

    The Bad Points:
    01) A Hell of a learning curve
    Like I said, I'm an online RPG newbie. This game has the potential to be a massive draw to other online RPG newbies. Why then do they make the tutorial the most sloppy and incomplete "get to know the game" level that I have ever seen in my 20 years of gaming. It's maddenly brief for such a complex game, and totally drops the ball. If I didn't live with two Everquest junkies, I would have been so lost and so confused that I would have given up on the game by the end of the first day.

    02) This game is not Star Wars.
    Star Wars Galaxies completely fails on every level to work as anything more than a warmed over Everquest clone with Star Wars skins and blaster sound effects. Sony has somehow managed to avoid capturing the most basic look or feel of the Star Wars universe.

    Now I don't mean that blasters don't look like blasters, or that Stormtroopers are hot pink. No, what I talking about is hard to quantify - but let me try anyway. Imagine it's 1977, and it's the first time you've ever seen Star Wars. The Blockade Runner zooms overhead, and you think "Hey, that looks pretty cool". Then the Star Destroyer rumbled into view with all it's guns blazing, and you dropped a load in your pants.

    This game failed to fill me with that zing. In short it failed to make me drop a load.

    Star Wars is a grand epic with blasters bolts zinging and lightsabers humming, and all kinds of hot and heavy action. It's about action and romance and dropping a torpedo from a speeding fighter down a reactor shaft at a million to one odds. It's about stealing a prototype TIE fighter from an imperial base, getting the girl and saving the day.

    Star Wars is NOT about delivering a pizza so that my faction with the rebellion goes up 2 points. Star Wars is not about poking a rat with a stick to gain experience points.

    03) No Jedi!
    So, for my first character right out of the gate I wanted to be a Jedi. I mean it's Star freakin' Wars! Who DOESN'T want to be a Jedi? Of course I recognize that I wouldn't be a very good Jedi at first, and that it would take me a very long time to work up to an ass-kicker, However I was willing to throw in for the long haul.

    Oh, look at that. No PC Jedi anywhere to be had.

    As it was my understanding, simply becoming a Jedi (or Padawan, or force user, or some shmoe with a lightsaber, whatever you'd like to call it) is amazingly difficult - that only a very few characters have enough potential to become one eventually. Basically a character has a thousand to one shot of even thinking about becoming a Jedi.

    Frankly that sucks.

    That is a big mistake to deny access to the icon of the Star Wars universe. When you think of the movies, probably the very first thing you think of is someone with a glowing sword - it's one of the most enduring images from the saga. It's the thing that every child on the playground pretends to be. It's image on all of the movie posters (and often sometimes the ONLY thing on the poster). And to withhold that from everyone is a big bad idea.

    Should being a Jedi be easy? No, of course not - it's a long arduous path that takes a long while to pay off. STARTING that path however should be easy.

    04) Combat sucks
    No Jedi? Fine, I'll go with my next best choice: Bounty Hunter. And thus my Wookiee marksman started working her way up the long and arduous climb up skill tree towards the Bounty Hunter goal.

    And this would be accomplished by getting low-level bounties? By perhaps attacking stormtroopers and fighting the good fight for the rebellion? No, in fact that is only accomplished by hours and hours hunting mutant butterflies on Corellia. Wash, rise, and repeat - except that the next level up will require me to poke bigger rats with a bigger stick. It's repetitive, and it's boring. That isn't a game, it's work - only I'm supposed to pay 15 bucks a month for the privilege of doing boring repetitive stuff each day, instead of being paid to do for boring repetitive stuff.

    This is of course when the mutant butterflies aren't kicking my ass. Ok, whats wrong with this picture: here's my Wookiee. Remember them? Throws around stormtroopers, pulls arms out of sockets when they lose? Eight feet tall and full of muscle? And I'm getting killed on a regular basis by a butterfly the size of my head.

    Somehow this is not how I envisioned life in the Star Wars universe.

    During one of my early sessions, I met up with a couple of friends from work who had also gotten into the game. We wandered about a bit and murdered a few helpless farm animals for no reason before eventually coming across two stormtroopers and an Imperial officer. Looking for some excitement, we decided that we'd try attacking them. We all moved into for the attack . . . . only to discover you're not *allowed* to attack stormtroopers.

    Great - back to poking turbocharged mutant butterflies with a stick.

    05) What's the point?
    I mean, what is the point? Do my actions further the plot somehow? No, because as far as I can tell there's no plot to the game. Is there some kind of challenging puzzle that needs to be overcome by my wits or by strategy? No, all you need to do is click on your enemies. Does it require quick reflexes and my honed skill? The only skill it appears I need to the ability to and click on the rat so that my character pokes it. And pokes it again. And again. And again. And. . . . .

    Where are the landspeeders and pod racers? Where are the stormtroopers - the cannonfodder of the Star Wars universe - waiting to be mowed down like the pawns they are? I want to fly a tramp freighter while smuggling spice and outrunning Imperial starcruisers. I want to do battle with stormtroopers. I want to run afoul of crime lords and mix it up with rival smugglers. I want to save the princess from the citadel of Ultimate Evil.

    No, all I get to do is poke Turbo-Charged Super Butterflies with a stick for hours on end.

    In between poking fleas with a stick for experience points, I get the pleasure of playing Fed-Ex delivery man. Most missions were "take X to person Y, who will give you item Z. Bring Z back here" or variants thereof. And so I get to walk through the jundland wastes (again, getting a speeder is out of the question. I guess people walk everywhere on Tatooine), occasionally get attacked by mutant butterflies, get to point Y, drop off the goods, and walk back to town.

    Woo hoo - who needs the excitement of stealing plans to the Death Star when I have an action packed day like this!

    And of course there are all kinds of server issues, game balance issues and technical problems. I have no doubt that most of this will get ironed out within a few months of launch. However - I hate the idea that I have to PAY 50 bucks (and the monthly fee) to beta test this stupid thing. The five bucks for the real beta? No big deal - but this is a product off the shelf, and it is not ready for launch AT ALL. But the shareholders must be appeased, and Sony pushed it out the door. We're paying good money for a game that doesn't work - on a very basic level. And that game publishers can get away with this is madness.

    I had high expectations of this game, but I guess it's just not what I'm looking for. If you want be truly immersed in the Star Wars experience, you'd be much better off with Jedi Knight, X-Wing or TIE fighter or Rogue Squadron. Hell - you'd be better off with Masters of Teras Kasi - at least in that game you don't have to spend hours poking butterflies with sticks.
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    Tony, for a guy who had said he was burnt out, I'm surprised you got the game. But I'm glad you did, at least for my sake. Like many of the other folk who have been around here a very long time, I've learned to respect your opinion. Initially I had been all about getting SWG, but I held out, deciding I'd rather have the ultimate power in the Star Wars Universe, the power to literally make anything happen in my games.

    Your review has helped solidify that point. I hope that SWG makes a lot of people happy. The game has been a long time in the making, and it shoudl bring great enjoyment to lots of folks. So thank you for helping me. I certainly appreciate it.

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    Tony's complaints echo those of Gabe over at Penny Arcade. It's always been my biggest fear that the game would be Everquest 2: Electric Boogaloo, and it seems like my fears were founded. One thing I'll give Tony is that he know what Star Wars is, and if he came away that disappointed I'd say I will too.

    Now, I haven't played it. I am planning on buying the game (once I get my upgrades done) and giving it a shot, but a) I'm going to wait a couple of months to let all the beta testing and bug fixing smooth out, and b) I'm going to try the game for a month or two before slapping down the cash for a longer subscription. If it fails to impress, it'll sit on the shelf.

    Honestly, though, my expectations are low. This idea that the biggest challenges for starting characters are womp rats and mutant butterflies is ridiculous. You should start the game shooting stormtroopers and collecting bounties on dangerous criminals and then build from there.
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    Yeah, poking a butterfly with a stick doesn't seem much fun to me either.

    However, I DO appreciate the fact they made it really difficult to be a Jedi, cause honestly, everyone would want to be a Jedi, and suddenly there'd be more Jedi than normal joes, and that just wouldn't be right. No, I'd rather the few that become Jedi EARN it.

    I remember back in the day that they were trying to make this game accessible to people with low-end machines.

    Are those requirements what we call low end now? If so, I might as well throw my computer away and just start completely over!

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    Originally posted by farr0095
    Tony, for a guy who had said he was burnt out, I'm surprised you got the game.
    I dont actually have the release version of the game - that was all based on the Beta version, which I was playing all the way up till the game went live. Unless they made some MAJOR changes in the last three days or so, it should still be the same game more or less.

    Yeah, I was burned out . . . but I wasnt going to miss my chance to see if this game was any good without having to pony up 50 bucks.

    Originally posted by Moridin
    Now, I haven't played it. I am planning on buying the game (once I get my upgrades done) and giving it a shot, but a) I'm going to wait a couple of months to let all the beta testing and bug fixing smooth out, and b) I'm going to try the game for a month or two before slapping down the cash for a longer subscription. If it fails to impress, it'll sit on the shelf.
    If the pattern follows, SWG should be a solid game about the time they introduce the new content in the expansion. The down side is that's at least 6 months away.

    It's terribly frustrating, since you can see the seeds of potential there. It just falls apart in the execution.
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    Ive heard good things about the game and plan to get it, I love RPGs whether they be pen and paper or computer :-D

    However my mouth dropped with the requirements....1.5 ghz recommended and 2 gbs hard drive space....geez....bad omen about the future of games.
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    01) A Hell of a learning curve
    Actually, most online reviews have described the tutorial as being quite good and essential to the SWG newbie.

    Regarding the learning curve, MMORPGs are definitely a game of love. They're not something that you can pick-up in an afternoon; and people that play a particular game tend to play for months, if not years. SWG in particular has set itself out to be an exceptional MMORPG, giving players previously unseen customability in the creation and development of characters. While this does come at a price for those that aren't hardcore, the people that will be playing for the long haul will reap benefits.

    02) This game is not Star Wars.
    Definitely have to disagree here.

    You briefly alluded to SWG being a "warmed over Everquest clone with Star Wars skins and blaster sound effects". This is far from the case, and I question why you would make this comparison when you say you've played very little EQ.

    You then give a few examples of what Star Wars means and doesn't mean to you. This is from where I think a lot of your disappointment arises.

    SWG is a MMORPG--not a single player PC game, not even a networkable rpg game like Neverwinter Nights. In SWG, there's likely to be thousands of other players logged into the same server at the same time. Because of this, everyone can't start out like Han, Luke, or Boba Fett; or even Bossk, Wedge, Bib Fortuna or Bevil Lemmesk (sp?). Characters need to start out unexceptional, simply because there are going to be thousands of them!

    This isn't a local D6 campaign, where the players start the game as the creme of the top compared to everyone else (i.e., the vast majority of NPCs). In a MMORPG, "everyone else" more often than not is the other players--that's the point of playing a MMORPG. It would make being exceptional that must less... exceptional. So everyone starts out as an "ordinary", and must "work" to make a name for themselves.

    Also, the comment about "poking a gain experience" is a bit misleading. Yeah, you'd get xp for shooting a rat with a blaster... but just xp towards raising your blaster skills. Unlike most other MMORPGs, you DON'T have to go out killing things to get xp. If you're a medic, you heal people to get xp towards raising your healing skills. If your an entertainer, you dance or sing for people.

    03) No Jedi
    For the same reasons I mentioned above, this is pretty much a necessity. If everyone had the option to play a Jedi, how many do you think would choose to do so? 50%? 25%? Even if it were only 10% (and I think that is a highly conservative number), it would be WAY too many, especially since this is in the post-ANH, pre-ESB period.

    While I do think they made it too hard to get the opportunity to play one (they went to the opposite extreme, and should have made it a bit easier to open the force sensitive slot), I definitely don't want to see even five Jedi at once running around Mos Eisley.

    04) Combat sucks
    Again, MMORPGs aren't for people in to play for just a few days or even weeks. These are games for people that want to create characters and see them progress, playing the same characters for months if not years. The progression is the point, and you really don't have to play that long if you want to join with the Empire or Rebellion, which is when you can start attacking overt members of the opposite faction. It's also when you start getting the types of missions that I think you'd be more likely to describe as "Star Wars".

    And you've got to start somewhere. Killing "Turbo-Charged Super Butterflies" is a bit of a necessity when playing a MMORPG (although I think it would be helpful if they'd consider a target shooting ground for raising your ranged weapons the first few slots).

    05) What's the point?
    Isn't this the same question often thrown at RPG players, in general?

    The point is to interact with other players and to progress you character, not to jump in and destroy the Death Star or the Rebellion. It'll definitely seem like work if you're expecting an experience like Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, and you'll be disappointed if you're expecting to start with, as in a traditional RPG, an exceptional character.

    MMORPGs definitely aren't for everyone, and SWG is no exception. But if you're a fan of Star Wars, and want to start play as a citizen of the Star Wars galaxy and have the opportunity to choose your own direction, I think you'll be in heaven playing SWG.

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    i saw a few Stormtroopers in Coronet. i someone damnfool enough to shoot one and was promptly gunned down like the dog he was.

    serves the stinking rebels right, says i.

    i picked up the game, i couldn't help it. Lucas owns my soul, i think.

    honestly, it's not bad.
    i've seen everquest, i've seen shadowbane (the new drug on the block if you didn't know).
    this isn't either one of those. it is an MMORPG, but most of the people on are not the same kind of people who play evercrack.

    you don't have to go out shooting everything down to be the best. and you don't start as the best, thankfully. there's such a variety of things you can do, i've barely left the city.

    and i've only put one weekend into the game, i've already started to see who some of the locals are.

    now, i got so frustrated even trying to play everquest i almost put my foot through my friend's computer (wanted to see what was so damn special about the game. apparently, it's nothing). and i think shadowbane is the stupidest game ever.

    i'm much more of the inclination to play Neverwinter Nights (or bioware's Knights of the Old Republic when it comes out) than a MMORPG. but as far as this one goes, it's not bad. if you really get into it the 3-month plans would probably not be so bad. it's still up for grabs on me, i'm still giving it time.

    as for Jedi:
    1) time setting. there are how many Force users during Episodes 4-6? say it with me: 5. out of an entire galaxy, there are 3 Jedi in the movies. and 2 Sith. the odds are against you playing a Jedi. while i'm disappointed, i can understand their logic. now if the game was Old Republic, it'd totally be Jedi all the way. but it isn't.
    2) Star Wars may be original because of Jedi, but it is not the end-all.

    as for the lack of speeders and ships:
    they're working on it, and you'd notice this if you check out the website.

    not that my name pulls weight, but for what it's worth, i'm having fun.
    (and perhaps the others here who are might want to get together? i'm on Kauri server: Coronet, Corellia mostly) and i don't plan on doing much more than spending my boring weekends playing.

    addendum: and not to sound like to much of a jerk, but Tony only knows what Star Wars is to him. i doubt very much he would presume to force his view on us any more than i would mine on him. but it's his point of view, not mine.

    it seems, from a poll on the SWG site, that Marksmen and Artisans were the top 2 professions taken from the almost 8000 people who bothered to take the poll.
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    I've not played it, and I'm not likely too.

    I've played various MUDs - even had a look at the Star Wars Combine - but it all comes down to just work. Just like Tony says. You have to do the same repetitive stuff to get yourself 'good' enough to do anything fun.

    And if I want to work, I'll go to work.

    And if I want "real life", I'll go outside.

    And if I want to have *fun*, I'll play an RPG.

    My two creds.

    (And, personally, it would have been easier - and would have allowed more Jedi - if Sony had gone with regional servers with a limit on numbers at each one. Then, if the North American East Coast server was full of Jedi, you could try your hand on the West Coast server. Or something like that )
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