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Thread: Rebel programing engineers?

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    Question Rebel programing engineers?

    I'm doing some research and i need to know about any organization that worked within the rebel alliance who programed and worte software. I've been scanning novels but haven't found anything yet, but in such a tech based society one had to have existed.
    If no such organization can be found, give me your best guess' about it (ie. what would the primary function and purpose be, how big would the staff be, etc)

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    I doubt if any specific programming groups are ever mentioned in any sources, due to the fact they're not considered very exciting or heroic. Some WEG sourcebook might be your best hope.

    I'm not sure if there'd be any groups entirely dedicated to programming attached to the Alliance, rather I would expect many groups to have programming sections. So for example, the Bothan spynet probably has its own coders to design custom slicing programs, worms, viruses and the like.
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    thanks!! this is just the information i needed

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