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Thread: The Star Wars HotShot Quiz IV - Come On In!

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    5. The Boonta Eve podrace?
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    3. Liam Neeson
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    Now we're on Yavin after our secret base was compromised...It's hard to fight continuity!!!


    5) For 5 I think you meant Jedi meeting with Anankin is the scene everyone knows about, but if not, that will be my guess.

    3) Ewan McGregor
    Jim Williams

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    2) Ben Hur. I'm not sure if it was 1958, but it was about that time. And it has the chariot race, which is somewhat like the Pod Race. No idea on the Director.

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    It's been five days. Answers?
    Jan Tolbara
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    Well, Nafai did say his life was pretty hectic. Idunno, maybe we should all wait or maybe, Jan, you could post those questions you were talking about?
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    I was really hoping for some more people to take a stab at them, as I thought they were fairly easy. Oh well, I guess everyone's interest in obscure trivia takes a different angle!

    1) What was Trisha Biggar in charge of designing for Episode 1?
    Answer: Costumes Hisham, 1 point!

    2) The plotline for Episode 1 is the one that Lucas first thought of when he began his journey into Star Wars. What 1958 movie gave him the inspiration?
    Bonus 1/2 point each: a) Who was the director of that film? b) What character was nearly directly translated into that of Qui-Gon Jin?
    Answer: The Hidden Fortress Stumpage, 1 point to me!
    Bonus: a) Directed by Kurosawa, b) General Rokurota Makabe (would have accepted "the General") No Points Awarded

    3) Which member of the cast of Episode 1 majored in physics, computer science, and drama at Queens College in Belfast?
    Answer: Liam Neeson Trigger, 1 point!

    4) The waterfalls on the exterior beauty shot of Theed were created with what method?
    Answer: Salt! Hisham, 1 point!

    5) Ok, we all know that there are a group of E.T.'s at the Senate meeting. What other spot in the film has a hidden E.T. (this is incredibly sad, but I didn't notice this until a few months ago)?
    Answer: When they land on Tatooine and get out of their ship, the shape of Elliot on his bike with ET flies by in the background. I've watched and watched that, with and without zooming on the DVD, and it looks to me like it's a ship, but the sillhouette is too similar to be accidental. I didn't even look for it until I saw it on the trivia section of shortly after Ep 2 came out on DVD.) No points awarded--I had assumed that this was common knowledge that I was oblivious of and didn't think it was an obscure point.

    Point Tallies:
    Hisham - 2 points
    Me - 1 point
    Trigger - 1 point

    Congrats Hish, back at bat! And I'll see you all in a few weeks--I'm off for N. Zed!

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    Is that 'eliot' cameo just on the DVD version?
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    Default First Appearances!

    I can't wait for WOTC to explain the Elliot bike intrinsically with a write-up and a stat block.


    Please state the name of the story or publication where these people & vehicles first made an appearance!

    (And to make things easy, if the story is from a periodical you can just write down the name of that periodical without the issue number nor even the story name, e.g: Star Wars Insider)

    1. Jodo Kast

    2. Zebra Fighters

    3. Corran Horn

    4. Chariot Command Speeders

    5. Jacob Nive & the Khuiumin Survivors

    Have fun figuring this out! And Nafai, have fun in Middle Earth.

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    1. Adventure Journal
    3. X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
    5. I, Jedi

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    4. Heir to the Empire (Didn't Thrawn ride in one?)

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    Default Re: First Appearances!

    Originally posted by hisham
    [B(And to make things easy, if the story is from a periodical you can just write down the name of that periodical without the issue number nor even the story name, e.g: Star Wars Insider)
    1. Jodo Kast

    2. Zebra Fighters

    3. Corran Horn

    4. Chariot Command Speeders

    5. Jacob Nive & the Khuiumin Survivors[/B]
    3. Corran Horn first appeared on the X-Wing Rogue Squadron Series

    4. Chariot command speeders appeared first on WEG's Galaxy Guide 10 I believe..
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    3) Star Wars Adventure Journal
    5)I think Galaxy Guide....?

    I should know GM lets me borrow these things on a regular basis....damn my feeble brain....
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    #4 first appeared in the Imperial Sourcebook.
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    5. Cassed already said Galaxy Guide, but I can tell you it was 9 and that its title was Fragments from the Rim.
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