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    Cool Sabacc cards

    yah, I've finished printing my cards out now. I designed them myself and the where a project I'd get frustrated with from time to time and walk away. Then I ran out of color ink when printin the second set of eight. A week later I bought new color ink and put it in and tried to print and it had not even started when it was suddenly out of black ink. And the nearest location to by ink for my puter is an hour away. Well after freezing the computer and hours of printer head cleaning it was ready to go. So I printed a deck and it was off center (still not sure why) so I couldn't print the backs on them. I figured I might try printing a set of 'Plates and color copying them at a Kinkos or something. Considering that would run me $40 never mind. But I printed out two decks today after hours of tinkering and my printer held up and my puter didn't freeze. The back and front line up.
    But now it's snowing and I don't know if it will stop in time for me to take them to a group meeting near me (1:45 away) that only meets once a month. Sigh I'm not sure I want to invest the effort in cutting them out and findin a way to laminate them (proly just 3" wide clear tape).

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    Oh yeah the cards are cool. The images are all croped and altered Jpgs from the movies, stills and a few from other sources where needed (all photos no cartoons). With a custom translucent border and Arekbesh/ English letering on top and bottom respectively.
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    Sounds like you went through a lot.

    Have you seen that sabaac deck and rules that those knucleheads over at SWAG put together?

    I had a blast playing Sabaac at GenCon with them (just don't let Nafai have a Twinkee before, during or after the game).
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    Whatchoo talkin' about Frob?
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