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Thread: GM'ing for a group - HELP!

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    Unhappy GM'ing for a group - HELP!

    Hey everybody!
    Yeah I'm the newbie here...
    Don't know much 'bout nuthin.
    Anyway, I was just wondering...
    It's my turn to GM for our local group,
    and I just got into SWRPG about
    six months ago. I know only the
    basics about how to play and fight,
    (This being my 1st RPG ever ...)
    So Ii wondered if anybody had some
    tips or *ahem* sample missions that
    they could show me, because I have
    NO IDEA AT ALL on how to make even
    a single mission, much less a whole
    Help a newbie out, and who knows?
    Maybe he'll be President someday.
    (Or maybe he'll try to 'fly' off a cliff...)

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    There are some short adventures at Wizards site, that's the short and easy answer. There are others here that are better at giving you the long answer. I hope you'll find it. And welcome here.

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    Default Try the thread


    Even GMs with a decade or two behind the screen still get stuck for ideas sometimes.

    GMing is, at the broadest stroke of the philosophical brush, telling a story that your players interact with, and adjusting to fit.

    Seriously, are you just stuck for a tale to spin for your group, or with how to GM?

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    A great place to get an idea for an adventure is the news and newspapers, you can always apply stuff that happens on there to the game, with a sci-fi bent to them.
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    Talking Thanks

    Thanks everybody.
    I went through a bunch
    of suspense novels
    and looked at the plot,
    but the thread link
    that Vanger Chevagne
    put up helped the most. thnkx

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