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Thread: A little...much?

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    Originally posted by REG

    Sorry, but this does not faze me, especially when I have seen news reports that a group is trying to register Jedi as a religion in England.
    The whole 'Jedi as a religion' think in the UK is not actually anything serious. It was just some random idea sparked off to annoy the government for making everybody fill out census forms, and getting fined if you didn't return them on time.
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    Originally posted by Reverend Strone
    I'm really not insulted at all- having no particular dislike for Autsralia or Australians, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to rib you about your error buddy.

    I am sorry to disappoint you by not being an older, cute girl though - being the guy with the accent is an odd thing in itself to get used to when you're travelling. If I recall anything about gen con 2003 it was Darth Xavien's impersonation of my accent!
    Nah you're not. The reaction Australians and Kiwis have in regards to each other is well within the scope of the thead's title. Interestingly enough, I'm usually that guy nobody can place because I have what has nicely been described as "a TV bland American accent." (by British persons, nonetheless, who take great pride in their ability to place a person according to their accent -- even Americans) I figure it's a reaction to being raised with so many disparate English accents/dialects influencing me. I guess I just defaulted to "none" when I was learning English.

    I do mean everythings, though. :p
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    One of my friends went to NZ and got very confused by someone pronouncing 'bed' 'beard'.
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    Was that someone named Coach Z? Good jorb there, Homsar!
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    Don't be sorry Rev, I'm taken now... besides I ended up with a girl from that hemisphere anyway (Korea, but way closer than America)

    As a child (much younger than my last story) I was constantly asked where I was born. I remember this quite clearly since it continued long into my elementary school career. Now, I never understood this (because I've lived in Oklahoma all my life) but my parents clarified it for me later. Apparently I over pronunciated everything I said, so all these stupid oklahomans thought I was british. go fig. lol

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    Originally posted by Emperor Xanderich II

    It was just some random idea sparked off to annoy the government for making everybody fill out census forms, and getting fined if you didn't return them on time.
    Was it the idea of the census that the British are not too fond of, or the enforcement of fine non-compliance?
    Anyhoo, just some random thoughts...


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