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Thread: The Republic 22nd Clone Commando Regiment

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    Well, disappointed, obviously, but I understand completely. And like the others, color me on call if/when you feel like you can run this beast
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    I have to admit, I've been lurking a bit since your announcement, Ronin and I guess, on some level, I've been waiting for you to change your, mind. I totally understand, though. Like Vanger said, quality is worth the wait. That said, I've been taking some time to get my character's background right, and I'm looking at some changes in the stat block as a result. Besides, I've had more than a few RL things preoccupying me, as well.

    Cold, I hope your still up for working on that piece for the Fan Fic forum with me.

    Keep on keepin' on, people, and I'm looking forward to this in any case, whenever everyone is ready.
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