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Thread: 1001 ways to know that you've played SWRPGnetwork for too long

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    #224) Your away for 2 years, come back to reply to this thread, only to find you were the last person to reply to this thread 2 years ago....n Nice one KnightStalker

    #225) Your away from the holonets 2 years, on the first time you use up all 5 login attempts trying to login. Then wait for the timeout reset and use another 3 of 5 login attempts before you finally sign in
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    #226) You have a moment of clarity where you remember forums you used to visit daily and remember the one you truly loved but had fallen apart from and so you return the the swrpgnetwork and declare your love!

    So...how ya doing?
    When you wish on a falling star, dreams can come true.

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    Than your pretty much hosed no matter what you wished for. Unless your wish was death by meteor, than you can die soundly knowing that wishes do come true.

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    How we doin'? I shall answer that with a...

    #227) The new Star Wars trailer comes up and I make this:

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    LOL, good one Hisham!

    #228) You can almost hear in your mind footsteps echoing across the forums as you wander through the site...and somewhere in the distance you hear this playing.
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