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Thread: Star Wars D6 Online Campaign: Players Wanted

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    Default Star Wars D6 Online Campaign: Players Wanted

    "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes..."

    Recruiting a band of desperate heroes, travelling the Outer Rim at the
    height of the Galactic Empire, righting wrongs and bringing peace and
    justice, under the noses of Moffs, Dark Side Adepts and Imperial
    Stormtroopers alike. High action/adventure, in the style of the old Lando
    Calrissian and Han Solo novels; not to mention the trilogy itself...

    Questions & Answers

    Where and When?
    The campaign is to be run on alternate Thursdays, starting on the 18th of May, online using Screenmonkey at 2000 London time.

    What Rules System?
    Will be using 2nd Edition Revised & Expanded Star Wars D6 rules.

    What templates are available?
    Anything in the core book as a baseline; if you want to tweak the templates or come up with something else, that'll be fine. Jedi are allowed.

    What is the 'core concept'?
    The Magnificent Seven. A band of heroes fighting for right, for those who cannot defend themselves.

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    I'd be interested... I just need help with getting started as I'm mostly a free-form RPer looking to get into D6.

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    Yeh i'd be really interested if you don't mind giving me a helping hand. I've RPed before but not with set rules.


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    Yeah im up for that. ive Rp'ed several D20 games but no d6, so i'll just need a bit of help gettin accustomed to the rules.

    PM if im good to join
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