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    Inspired by a picture found on the Star Wars Galaxies Wiki, I present you the DE-10 Pistol.
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    Thumbs up

    Nice stats. It's quite powerful and has good range, so I'm glad you lowered the ammo count and gave it a low stun rating
    I like the look of the weapon too, clearly if-it-were-made-for-a-film they'dve used some parts of a revolver in there. Nice.

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    Wow what a powerful weapon. I like her very much, but to balance her a bit you should give her a size of medium as used for all heavy blaster pistols(check Arms and Equipment). It really looks like designed for one of the movies.

    PS: will there be more stats of such weapons. Or tell me at least where you found these pics.
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    The weapon has an great advantage compared to other heavy blaster pistols. It's its size. Listed as small type blaster pistol it is quite more powerful than the regular heavy plaster pistol, if used two handed - this would lower the off hand penalty by 2.

    This weapon is not uber, but has a great advantage over the other heavy blaster pistols. Well done.
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    I found that picture from the Star Wars Galaxies Wiki in the weapons section.

    If I have time I will make a few more weapons. Thanks Uron Teff, I'll try to balance out the weapons.

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    I don't understand D20 stats, but I do understand that my 72nd level Commando (Draik Cromwell on the Starsider server) carries one of these as a back-up weapon along with a half dozen or so other rifles and heavy weapons. It rocks!
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    *cough* 72nd level?! Wow. You can go pretty high in these MMOs, can't you?
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    Only to level 90.

    Remember its not D20 (i think )

    Good blaster by the way, im surre i will find a good use for it.
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    4 kilos? That's just shy of 9 pounds. Kinda hefty for a pistol, eh?

    A Taurus .500 Magnum w/ 10 in barrel comes in at 72 oz. unloaded, or about 4.5 lbs.

    At 4 kilos, your "handgun" weighs as much as some rifles, IRL and in the SW 'verse.

    At 4 kilos for a "handgun," that sucker better be able to survive being danced on by an AT-AT.

    And the holster better come with pants suspenders.
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    The DE-10 is definitely a heavy blaster pistol. In Star Wars Galaxies, it is huge compared to most other pistols.

    As such it really should be a "Medium" weapon.

    At the same time, 4 kilos is a lot for a Heavy Blaster. Consider that the typical DL-44 is 1.3 kilos. I'd put the DE-10 at 2 kilos at most.

    And no, Star Wars Galaxies isn't d20. I'd consider mastering a profession (CL 90 combat, Master Trader or Master Entertainer) in Star Wars Galaxies to be roughly equivalent to somewhere between 10th and 13th level in d20.

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