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Thread: Looking for standard d20 stats for a couple of things

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    Default Looking for standard d20 stats for a couple of things

    Does anyone know where I can get the stock stats for the Pursuer-class enforcement ship (Boba Fett's Slave 2 is an example of this clasS), Firespray-class patrol ships and the Lictor-class Dungeon ship (the ship that carries R2-D2 and Luke to Byss in the first Dark Empire).

    I've looked in all of the books that I own for those stats but I keep coming up with nothing, please help?
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    If i'm not mistaken (and I shouldn't be) the Firespray is in the RCRB, and if not, definitely in SotG. I don't think I've ever seen stats for the other two. Hope that helps.
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    I was sure that the Lictor-class was in the DSSB, but I was all kinds of mistaken. Now I'm sure there's a writeup in the WEG Dark Empire sourcebook, but I don't have it and it's D6, and you're looking for D20.
    An issue of Star Wars Insider had pictures of the other Big Bounty Hunters' ships (Hound's Tooth, Punishing One, Mist Hunter, and Slave II) and they may have had stats. Those would be stats for Slave II, though, not a stock Pursuer.
    So there are places to look, but I don't have any of that informatin myself.
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    here is a conversion of the stat from the Book Pirates & Privateers pg. 75

    Craft: MandalMotors Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship
    Class: Space Transport
    Crew: 1-1 (Skilled +4)
    Size: Small (30.1m long)
    Initiative: +1 (+1 size)
    Hyperdrive: x1 (backup x16)
    Maneuvers: +5 (+1 size ,+0 Man/eng.,+4 crew)
    Passengers: 2, 5 (prison cells)
    Defense: 21 (+1 size,+10 armour)
    Cargo Capacity: 35 tons
    Shield Points: 30 (DR20)
    Consumables: 5 weeks
    Hull Points: 120 (DR20)
    Cost: 200,000(new)
    Maximum Speed: Attack (7 squares/action)
    Atmospheric Speed: 1000 km/h (17 squares/action)

    Weapon: Blaster Cannon (2 x fire-linked); Fire Arc:Front ; Attack Bonus: +7 (+4 fire control,+1 size,+2 gunner); Damage:5d10x2; Maximum Range: Short

    Weapon: Light Ion Cannon (2 x fire-linked); Fire Arc:Full Turret; Attack Bonus: +7 (+4 fire control,+1 size,+2 gunner); Damage:4d10x2; Maximum Range: Short

    Nav Computer: Yes

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    The Lictor-class doesn't have d20 stats, as I recall. However, it's complete d6 work-up is detailed in the Dark Empire Sourcebook.
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    I think Star Wars Gamer 7 has stats for Slave II along with various other bounty hunter ships. I'm pretty sure you can still get it at

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