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Thread: Naming a Power Droid

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    Default Naming a Power Droid

    Hey gang I was wondering what kind of Identifcation do you give a Power Droid?

    I'm honestly stumped on this because my players have gotten one on their ship and they're tired of calling it "Hey You PD" all the time.
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    There's always the old-school GNK "Gonk" power droid that debuted in ANH.

    One tabletop game I was in had an upgraded version used to do things like start starfighters known as a Service PoweR (SPR-) Droid that quickly acquired the name Sparky.
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    I believe they're technically called EG-series power droids; the one on the sandcrawler was named EG-6, I think. So some variation on 'EG' would be right. If it were my droid, I'd name it PEG-2, call it 'Peggy', and treat it as a female personality!

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