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Thread: [Saga STATS] The Warder PrC (Force tradition)

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    Default [Saga STATS] The Warder PrC (Force tradition)

    The origins of this Force tradition lie on a remote planet deep in Wild Space. The Warders originally were sort of a global police force for their people, but since the discovery of their homeworld and its re-introduction into galactic society, Warders have begun to travel abroad and teach their unique techniques to Force Sensitives around the galaxy.
    All Warders rely on a gauntlet. Originally, the gauntlet was constructed of durasteel and looked like a typical combat glove. Modern Warders, however, employ more exotic materials with regularity. Certain Warders have convinced Yuuzhan Vong shapers to construct them biological gauntlets, while others have learned how to construct gauntlets woven with cortosis. A Warder's gauntlet is unique to the Warder, and while they can be handed down, they reflect the personality of the Warder who originally constructed it.
    Warders employ Force techniques they refer to as 'Wards,' that create lasting, resonant effects within the Force. Anyone who is Force Sensitive can perceive the Wards, but only those trained as Warders can construct them with any success.
    Level	BAB	Class Features
    1	+1	Defense bonuses, talent
    2	+2	Force technique
    3	+3	Talent
    4	+4	Force technique
    5	+5	Talent
    6	+6	Force technique
    7	+7	Talent
    8	+8	Force technique
    9	+9	Talent
    10	+10	Force technique
    To qualify to become a Warder, a character must fulfill the following criteria.
    Minimum Heroic Level: 7th.
    Trained Skills: Use the Force.
    Feats: Force Sensitivity, Martial Arts I.
    Talents: Force Perception, Telekinetic Power.

    Game Rule Information
    Warders have the following game statistics.

    Hit Points
    At each level, Warders gain 1d10 hit points + their Constitution modifier.

    Force Points
    Warders gain a number of Force Points equal to 6 + one-half their character level, rounded fown, every time they gain a new level in this class.

    Class Features
    The following are features of the Warder prestige class.

    Defense Bonuses
    At 1st level, you gain +3 class bonus to your Reflex, Fort and Will Defense.

    At every odd-numbered level (1st, 3rd, 5th, and so on), you select a talent. The talent may be selected from the Warding (see below), the Lightsaber Combat (see page 41, all talents apply instead to the Warder gauntlet) or the Brawler talent trees (see page 51). You must meet the prerequisites (if any) of the chosen talent. No talent can be selected more than once unless expressly indicated.

    Warding is the signature technique of the Warders, and many learn ways to increase the power an versatility of their Wards.
    Extend Ward: You have learned ways to make your Wards last longer. The duration of your Wards are doubled. You may select this talent more than once.
    Expand Ward: You have discovered a method to increase the area you can cover with a Ward. You can fill an area twice as large with a Ward. You may select this talent more than once.
    Frugal Ward: You no longer have to sacrifice so much of your own energy to establish a Ward. You move one less step down the condition track when establishing a Ward.
    Prestidigitation: You have determined a way to establish Wards without a need to be physically present. You can establish a Ward up to 6 squares distant from where you are.
    Maximize Ward: Your Wards with variable effects now always impart the best result possible. Any time you are normally prompted to roll dice for a Ward's effects, instead simply take the best possible result of the roll.

    Force Techniques
    At every even-numbered elvel (2nd, 4th, 6th, and so on), you select a Force technique. The technique may be selected either from Wards or from the standard list of techniques. You must meet the prerequisites (if any) of the chosen technique. No technique can be selected more than once unless expressly indicated.

    All Wards fill a space no greater than 6 squares by 6 squares unless talents or the Ward itself states otherwise. All Wards require at least a full-round action to establish, and during rounds in which a Ward is being established, the Warder can take no other action save to defend himself from attack.

    Ward of Blinding
    This Ward is designed to render the triggerer blind. This Ward explodes the warded area into light. It triggers a Use the Force check by the Warder against anyone in the warded area or looking directly at the warded area against the victims' Reflex defense. Anyone in the sphere will be blinded for at least 1d4 rounds, regardless of the result of the Use the Force check. Anyone whose Reflex defense is less than the result of the Use the Force check also suffers 2d4 rounds of additional blindness. This Ward requires the expenditure of 7 hit points, takes five rounds to set, remains in place for 15 minutes, and moves the Warder one step down the condition track.
    Ward of Entrapment
    The Ward of Entrapment confines the triggerer to the area for a duration of 1d4 rounds. The Ward nudges the Warder who set the ward with a mild Force disturbance, letting the Warder know his trap is sprung. The Ward of Entrapment requires 6 rounds and 8 hp to set, remains in place for 18 minutes, and does not move the Warder down the condition track.
    Ward of Concussion
    Designed to render the triggerer deaf or near deaf using a sound parallel to a localized sonic boom. The Warder makes a Use the Force attempt against everyone within the area of effect against their Fortitude defense, and anyone within the area that fails will be defeaned for 2d4-1 rounds. This Ward requires 8 rounds and 10 hp to set, remains in place for 12 minutes, and moves the Warder one step down the condition track.
    Ward of Illusion
    This Ward, when triggered, creates a predefined illusion, usually designed to mislead the triggerer. The illusion persists in the triggerer's senses for 2d8 rounds. This Ward takes 8 rounds and 12 hp to set, remains in place for 21 minutes, and moves the Warder down two steps on the condition track.
    Ward of Barring
    The Ward of Barring allows the Warder to create a Ward that sends anyone entering the area of effect back out the way they came in. Any triggerer will be pushed gently backwards. This Ward requires 3 rounds and costs 8 hp to set, remains in place for 9 minutes, and moves the Warder down two steps on the condition track.
    Ward of Stasis
    The Ward of Stasis allows the Warder to establish an area of effect that replaces every object in that area back where it was originally if moved (this occurs within one round). This Ward takes 4 rounds and costs 8 hp to set, remains in place for 21 minutes, and moves the Warder down one step on the condition track.
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    Upon first review, I'm inclined to think this would be better served as a Force Tradition Talent Tree and a single new Force Power then as a whole new prestige class. Treat the basic Ward as the fundamental Force power, and then have the various alternate Wards as Talents.
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    Why do I get the feeling deep in the force that some parts of the warder will seem to creep into the Imperial Knight? Like the gauntlet This is just my gut reaction. I read it and was thinking how the IK's are probably a huge mish-mash of traditions.

    But this is interesting.
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